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The strangest museums in different states of the USA

In every state of the USA there are museums that surprise with the strangeness of choosing an object to study, and in some cases I even want to ask: “Who decided that it deserves an entire museum?”

Photo: international banana museum

Edition Reader's Digest compiled a list of just such museums in different states.

California: International Banana Museum

As they say on website of this establishment, it stores all the "banana-related items that you might not even have thought of." For example, exhibits in it include banana players, banana staplers, and banana slippers; as well as jade, alabaster and wooden bananas.

Florida: Garbage Truck Museum

Garbage Truck Museum is an attempt to pay tribute to the difficult work of the garbage collection industry. You probably prefer to just throw out the trash and forget about it, but this collection of vintage trucks will make you want to know more. Any car enthusiast wants to take a closer look at the 1926 garbage truck of the year. In addition, there are legendary garbage trucks that have appeared in Hollywood films.

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Illinois: Toby American Pitcher Museum

Toby jugs are shaped like people or faces, and more than 8000 of them look at visitors from shelves in Toby Pitcher Museum in Illinois. Among its exhibits are jugs with faces of real and fictional characters, the world's tallest jug of tobi (40 inches (about 1 m) high) and the smallest in the world (3 / 8 inches (0,9 cm) high).

New Jersey: Museum of Arcade Games

If traditional museums make your family yawn, then Silverball museum arcade in Asbury Park is what you need. You can get to play antique pinball machines, as well as other favorite old-school arcades such as Pac-Man and Galaga. The great thing is that the entrance ticket includes an unlimited number of games, and you do not need to pay extra for them.

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New York: Mmuseumm

The smallest museum in New York explains its purpose quite simply: “The present is always strange. It must have been strange to Neanderthals. The present was definitely strange to the inhabitants of the Middle Ages. And the present is definitely strange. ” Consisting of just one room, Mmuseumm demonstrates objects that emphasize how strange ordinary things can be. There are clips for bread, snoring devices, selfie sticks, toilets and more, combined with serious descriptions that will make you laugh and think.

museum Educational program

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