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The most colorful restaurants worth visiting in every state

Food is the best lens with which you can take a closer look at the history and culture of the region, and in the United States, the cuisine of each state can tell you a lot about the people and customs of the area.

Restaurant Katz's Delicatessen (New York). Photo: Depositphotos

“Each of the 50 states, as well as the capital of the country, has its own unique food, a table of tastes of various cultures and ethnic groups, ingredients and products. And although in each of these states there are many amazing eating establishments, there will always be one that best reflects its culture, ”writes NY Daily News.

To determine which restaurant can be called the most typical for each state, the authors of the collection looked at the rating of the best catering establishments, both casual and upscale, as well as rated cult restaurant dishes. Then they delved into the existing rating and review sites, both national and local, in order to understand which restaurants are the most famous and popular according to local residents and tourists.

First of all, the authors looked for restaurants that symbolize the history of the state, culinary traditions and their preferred cuisine. For each state, they chose not just a great restaurant, but one that reflects a real idea of ​​how the locals dine.

California: Chez Panisse (Berkeley)


Chez Panisse opened its doors in the 1971 year. Many people consider this place the birthplace of California cuisine. Led by world-renowned chef Alice Waters, Chez Panisse is a pioneer in creating a cuisine that appreciates the organic and locally grown ingredients of the area, and remains the perfect place to sample the Mediterranean-California cuisine that the state is famous for. You can dine in a more relaxed atmosphere in the cafe upstairs or in the restaurant on the ground floor. The constantly changing seasonal menu of 3-4 dishes includes dishes such as smoked black cod with red romaine lettuce and flowering coriander, as well as Wolf Ranch grilled with lemon and thyme, mashed autumn pumpkin, glazed Tokyo turnip and watercress.

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Florida: Joe's Stone Crab (Miami Beach)


Joe's Stone Crab is a real tourist trap, where you should try some of the best Miami Beach seafood from 1913 of the year. Since the restaurant’s specialties are stone crab claws (served with Joe’s mustard sauce), the restaurant is open only from mid-October to May, during the stone crab season, during which you will also want to stop by the famous fried chicken or lime pie.

Illinois: Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (Chicago)


Pizzeria Lou Malnati is a Chicago restaurant that is loved by locals and tourists. The institution has been operating since 1971 of the year. It serves America’s best deep-dish pizza, whose name is translated into Russian as “Chicago-style pizza” (or “deep-bottom pizza”, which resembles a pie with high sides, moist toppings and lots of melted cheese). The father of the founder of the pizzeria, Rudi Malnati, supposedly helped develop a recipe for cult pizza. Order the most popular product - Malnati Chicago Classic, in this pizza low-fat sausage, tomato sauce and an additional portion of mozzarella.

New Jersey: Tops Diner (East Newark)


No one knows better than New Jersey diners. The state’s best restaurant is Tops Diner in East Newark, open since 1942 and serving more than 15 000 people per week. The most famous dish is a sandwich with Taylor ham, egg and cheese - a cult American breakfast. Tops Diner also offers impeccable meatloaf, pasta with cheese and lobster, Red Velvet crepes and the freshest cheesecake.

New York: Katz's Delicatessen (New York)

Signature pastrami sandwich. Photo: Depositphotos

Katz's Delicatessen - an icon of New York. This is the best Jewish deli in America, which became even more famous after it was shot in one of the most memorable scenes of the 1989 movie of the year "When Harry Met Sally." Grocery stores have been loved by locals and tourists since it opened its doors in 1888, and its rye sandwiches with corned beef, beef and pastrami are especially legendary. Every week, Katz's reportedly delivers 15 000 pounds of pastrami (more than 6800 kg), 8 000 pounds of corned beef (more than 3600 kg), 2 000 pounds of salami (more than 900 kg) and 4 000 hot dogs.

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Washington DC: Old Ebbitt Grill


The oldest saloon in Washington, DC, opened in 1856 and served most of the US presidents, starting with Ulysses Grant. The legendary establishment, which has moved more than once (located in its current location since 1983 of the year), is located less than a block from the White House, and this is one of the best bars in the country where bartenders can prepare almost any cocktail in addition to a dozen seasonal offers. Come to Old Ebbitt Grill for Oyster Happy Hours, try cheese plates and salads, scallops, catfish sandwiches and cornmeal bread.

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Tropics in the middle of the city: a greenhouse restaurant in New York that will charm you. A PHOTO

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