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The dirtiest objects in everyday life

The next time you answer a call on your smartphone, firmly pressing it to your face, think about the fact that you may be touching the feces.

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Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found fecal matter on each of the 6 smartphones in the 2011 study of the year. Add to this the work of Charles Gerb, a famous microbiologist at the University of Arizona, who found that cell phones contain more bacteria in 10 times than most toilet seats.

Familiar objects to which we touch every day, from mobile phones to kitchen sinks, contain much more bacteria than our toilets. And although 80% infections occur because of our touches of these items, we rarely clean them the same way as “porcelain thrones”.


Over the 2 week, a new pair of shoes collects 421 thousands of bacteria units — the average number of bacteria that the Coat of Arms found in its study. Almost a third of the shoe (27%) contains E. coli, which indicates “frequent contact with faecal material, most likely from the floor in public toilets or after contact with animal fecal material in the open air,” said Gerba. Washing the shoes in a washing machine with detergent causes 90% bacteria to be destroyed, including fecal matter.

Kitchen sink

There are more bacteria in kitchen sinks than in toilets and trash bins, according to a study of the coat of arms. It is even worse when there is a wet kitchen sponge nearby, which is actually a thousand times dirtier than your toilet in 200. Wash the sink with hot, soapy water and wipe it daily with disinfecting wipes. Before wetting the sponge, put it in the microwave for a minute to clean.

Playground Equipment

While playing in the open air on the street, children swing and slide over dangerous bacteria. “I will not allow my grandchildren to go to the playground,” said a microbiologist. “Playgrounds are, in fact, public toilets for birds, and you will never see, say, a soccer ball without E. coli on it.” “If you take care of children, wear hand sanitizer for them,” he added.

Reusable Shopping Bags

One study of the Emblem showed that 97% of shoppers never cleaned their reusable bags, creating a breeding ground for potentially dangerous bacteria. Bags of casual buyers who were able to investigate, contained a high enough level of bacteria to cause a lot of serious health problems, revealed the emblem. Children are especially vulnerable. However, thorough washing of the bags killed almost all the bacteria.

Electronic devices

These are not only cell phones that are never cleaned, as the work of the Coats of arms shows, but also a TV remote control. According to the Coats of Arms, when several people touch on common things - for example, an iPad, - the owners can get sick. To clean these surfaces, use a simple disinfecting cloth.

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