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The most expensive and dangerous cities for drivers in the US

For many Americans, regardless of their marital status or what they do, the worst part of their day is the same—the commute. Edition The Hill told which cities are the most annoying, expensive and dangerous for drivers.

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What makes this process so frustrating, especially for commuters, is the mixture of frequent traffic jams, wasted hours on the road, and the high cost of gas. In addition, driving a car is one of the most dangerous activities that we regularly do.

Personal finance site MoneyGeek has taken a look at all of those crazy aspects of daily commuting and has ranked cities by where things are doing the worst.

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The first metric they measured was "commuting agony," a combination of two particularly frustrating things: long distances and low speeds.

There are four urban areas in Texas and Florida on this list of places to travel crazy:

Table: ForumDaily

Another part of commuting that people complain about is the cost of gas. Of course, the prices are not as high as at this time last year, but they are still rather big. The average price per gallon (3,7L) nationwide as of early June 2023 was estimated to be around $3,50.

But in some cities, gasoline for $3,50 is simply not to be found. In San Francisco, California, for example, it cost about $4,96 a gallon in early June.

With that in mind, MoneyGeek has ranked cities by how much people spend on gas each year. This list is dominated by Californian cities:

Table: ForumDaily

And if those two factors aren't enough, there's also the fact that commuting can kill you. Accidents are one of the leading causes of death for Americans under the age of 54, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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To determine where commuting is most dangerous, MoneyGeek looked at the cities with the most fatal crashes during the morning rush hour between 06:00 and 08:30.

According to MoneyGeek's analysis, many cities with especially dangerous roads are in the south:

Table: ForumDaily

The analysis showed that residents of medium-sized cities across the country have the most reasonable opportunities to get to work.

In Des Moines, Iowa, which ranked first in commuting, gas is relatively cheap and people only spend about 20 minutes each way to get to work. Second-ranked Anchorage, Alaska, has virtually no fatal accidents during peak morning rush hour.

Santa Barbara (California), Buffalo (New York) and Omaha (Nebraska) complete the top five.

See the full list of cities link.

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