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The most expensive and cheap US states to raise a child

Everyone knows that raising a child in the United States is very expensive, but the budget needed to meet the needs of the child varies from state to state.

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Edition CNBC ranked the states by the amount of expenses that parents need to do to raise a child.

The study looked at factors such as the difference in the cost of renting a typical one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment; average cost of kindergarten; average cost of baby clothes, diapers and napkins; the average cost of feeding a child; the average amount of the increase in the premium when a child joins the insurance plan, as well as federal tax benefits for parents. According to these criteria, all US states were evaluated.

According to the data obtained, the average monthly cost of raising a child in the United States is 1 037 dollars. Massachusetts is the most expensive state to raise a child, on average, there will have to spend on this 1 521 dollar per month. This is almost 800 dollars more than in the cheapest state - Arkansas, where the monthly cost of child care is 723 dollars.

According to the study, the average difference in the rental price between a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment is 175 dollars per month; the average monthly cost of a kindergarten in the United States - 744 dollar; average monthly cost of clothes for babies, diapers and napkins - 56 dollars; additional food expenses are on average 52 dollars per month; and the average cost of adding a child to a health insurance plan is 176 dollars per month. In 2018, parents can get a federal tax credit of 2 000 dollars for each child who meets the requirements of this preferential program.

10 most expensive states to raise a child:

1. Massachusetts: 1 521 dollars per month;

2. Hawaii: 1 464 dollars per month;

3. Washington, DC: 1 374 dollars per month;

4. California: 1 349 dollars per month;

5. Connecticut: 1 327 dollars per month;

6. Alaska: 1 314 dollars per month;

7. Vermont: 1 311 dollars per month;

8. New Hampshire: 1 290 dollars per month;

9. New Jersey: 1 243 dollars per month;

10. Maryland: 1 238 dollars per month.

10 cheapest states to raise a child:

1. Arkansas: 723 dollars per month;

2. Mississippi: 759 dollars per month;

3. West Virginia: 814 dollars per month;

4. Tennessee: 830 dollars per month;

5. Louisiana: 835 dollars per month;

6. Alabama: 837 dollars per month;

7. Utah: 850 dollars per month;

8. South Carolina: 850 dollars per month;

9. Kentucky: 870 dollars per month;

10. North Dakota: 872 dollars per month.

The cost of raising a child in the United States is constantly increasing. A report by the US Department of Agriculture indicated that the average cost of raising children from birth to 17 is 233 610 dollars.

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