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The most expensive state universities in the US

As a rule, when it comes to the most expensive education, it concerns prestigious private American universities. The cost of training in some of them passes for 50 thousand dollars a year. Studying in state universities always cost students an order of magnitude lower.

The most expensive US state university, according to the 2012-2013 school year, is the University of Pittsburgh. Not far from him, and the University of Pennsylvania, the cost of education in which is only slightly lower. Both universities are funded from state-funded sources in the state of Pennsylvania.

The cost of a year of study for a bachelor’s degree program, excluding hostel and other fees, is 16 590 dollars at the University of Pittsburgh and 16 444 dollars at the University of Pennsylvania. Approximately in the same price category there is also the University of New Hampshire, the holder of the third place on the high cost of education in the country among state universities. Students will have to pay 16 422 dollars for a year of study and in it, provided that they are residents of the state. Those who come to study from outside it, shell out even more.

The average cost of a year of study at a state university in the United States is 7 407 dollars.

The cheapest university in the country was College Palm Beach, Florida. Residents of the state pay tuition for all 2 378 dollars per year.

Representatives of universities explain the high cost of education by a decrease in funding from the budget. “There is a direct relationship between state financial support and the cost of education,” said Ken Service, head of public relations at the University of Pittsburgh. - Three years ago we lost 19% of funding. This forced us to raise prices in order to continue and continue to exist. "

Pennsylvania is in place of 47 from 50 in terms of government funding for higher education, making it one of the most expensive universities in the country. At the same time, 94 private universities and colleges work on the staff. Critics of the current situation believe that the problem is that private universities are lobbying for under-funding state universities in state legislatures. Representatives of private universities, of course, deny this information.

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