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The 'cheapest' dates for summer flights

It's time to plan your summer vacation. As at any time of the year, the cost of air travel largely depends on the date you choose. Edition USA Today collected information on which days it is profitable to book flights.

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US domestic flights

21 in May: the price of air tickets from this day rises slightly. Choose a shipment no later than May 20.

June 15: The most expensive flight fares start from this day. If you fly out on or before June 14th, you can save some money.

August 30: The beginning of the fall in prices. If it is possible to postpone the trip until August 30, then you will see very favorable prices.

Flights to Europe

12 May: Summer fares for Europe start, so fly 11 May or earlier.

August 21: The cost of transatlantic fares is reduced on this day. Anyone who flies at the end of August avoids summer pandemonium and queues at airports.

Flights to China

May 15: prices will jump on the eve of the season. Take off 14 May or earlier.

June 9: Significant price increases begin. If possible, travel on or before June 8th.

July 20: peak prices in the season.

7 August: summer prices are falling a bit.

20 August: a more significant drop, and this is a good time to fly.

Here are some more tips to remember.

Best days of the week for cheap flights

For domestic flights: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, as a rule, cheaper than on other days (especially try to avoid Fridays and Sundays).

For international flights flying in the middle of the week is often cheaper than on weekends.

Transfer flights. Longer flights can often be cheaper if you have a connecting flight, so always compare prices with and without a connecting flight. If you're flying long distance, check prices for flights with 2 stops - yes, it's inconvenient, but it can be much cheaper.

Cheap destinations

Boston, Dallas, Denver, and Seattle airports are best if you're looking for cheap flights. Flights from major cities are more expensive.

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