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Who is the richest resident of your state: list of US billionaires

The fact that there are billionaires in almost every state in the United States testifies to the growing wealth of Americans. The country is home to about 800 billionaires out of 330 million people. Edition Visual Capitalist talked about the richest people in every state of the United States.

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The richest of the richest

Billionaires are a US constant. The only states that do not have such wealthy people are Alabama, New Mexico, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware.

The wealthiest in the United States are mostly men, but there are also 10 female billionaires who are the wealthiest in their state.

List of richest people by state:

  • Jeff Bezos - $ 193,8 billion - Washington
  • Elon Musk - $ 191,8 billion - Texas
  • Mark Zuckerberg - $ 101,3 billion - California
  • Warren Buffett - $ 87,6 billion - Nebraska
  • Jim Walton - $ 67,5 billion - Arkansas
  • Michael Bloomberg - $ 54,9 billion - New York
  • Thomas Peterfey - $ 22,9 billion - Florida
  • Kenneth Griffin - $ 15 billion - Illinois
  • Rocco Comisso - $ 6,9 billion - New Jersey

Jeff Bezos has a fortune of $ 193,8 billion. During the pandemic, Amazon became more successful every day, as many people had to stay at home and shop online due to isolation.

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The second place is occupied by Elon Musk, his fortune is $ 191,8 billion. The next boom in Elon Musk's income was caused by a sharp rise in Tesla stock prices. Elon Musk recently relocated to Texas, signaling a broader trend of internal migration from the most expensive areas in the US.

Pay attention to the gap

Many of these people actually became wealthier during the COVID-19 pandemic, widening the existing wealth inequality gap.

Together, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett (the five richest American billionaires) have increased their fortune by 85%. This is equivalent to $ 303 billion.

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In contrast, the median wealth of American households is around $ 121, and COVID-700 is increasing the country's inability to pay bills and the risk of massive home losses.

Overall, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are likely to continue to amass huge fortunes. The richest billionaires in the US are likely to continue to grow their net worth, whether there is a pandemic or not.

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