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The safest and most affordable suburbs in the USA

The best places to live with your family are often located on the outskirts of large cities, where you can afford a higher standard of living for less money, as well as wider access to places of rest. It is easy to understand why a suburban lifestyle can be attractive: suburban communities tend to be richer, more educated, and healthier than urban and rural ones.

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To find the best suburbs in every state, GOBankingRates conducted a comprehensive study analyzing the cost of living, quality of schools and security in the suburban areas surrounding the country's largest cities. Factors in this study included:

  • average house price and average monthly rent received from Zillow real estate site for May 2019;
  • annual expenditures for food, healthcare, utilities and transportation, obtained from the Consumer Expenditure Survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2017-18;
  • the quality of school districts;
  • level of violent and property crimes on 1000 residents.

If you want to live in relative tranquility and comfort, while still maintaining access to the best job opportunities at a remote distance, the decision to settle in the suburbs may be the right choice for your family - and this will not empty the budget. Here are a few states for which the study authors chose the best suburbs. A complete list for all states can be found. here.


  • Los Angeles: Yorba Linda
  • Sacramento: Rocklin
  • San Diego: San Marcos
  • San Francisco: Pleasanton
  • San Jose: Cupertino

California housing is notoriously expensive. For example, the average price of a home in Cupertino is 1 988 888 dollars, and the average rent is 4 458 dollars per month, both of which are the most expensive in their categories. However, Gold State provides a solid foundation for your child’s education. 7 of the 8 school districts in these California suburbs were rated highest in overall quality.

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  • Jacksonville: Fleming Island
  • Miami: Sunrise
  • Orlando: Altamonte Springs
  • Tampa: Sun City Center

Of all the best Florida suburbs on the list, Altamonte Springs offers the cheapest accommodation: the average price of a home is 188 950 dollars, and the average rent is 1344 dollars a month. If you are more concerned about security, move to Sun City Center. There are 0,77 violent crimes and 6,29 crimes against ownership of 1000 residents in the suburbs, which is better than the crime rate on Fleming Island, Sunrise and Altamonte Springs.


  • Chicago: Buffalo Grove

Chicago may be one of the best cities for a family. The upper suburb of Windy City, Buffalo Grove, ranks 4 in terms of the lowest violent crime rates and 5 in terms of the lowest real estate crime rates among all the listed suburbs. 0,24 violent crimes and 5,46 crimes against property on 1000 residents are committed here.

New Jersey

  • Newark: Bergenfield

Compared to other suburbs of the country, Bergenfield is surprisingly safe. At the 2 place in terms of crime - 0,07 crimes with violence and 3,8 crimes against property in 1000 residents. In addition, the Bergenfield School District received the highest rating for overall quality.

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New York

  • Buffalo: Lockport
  • New York: Deer Park

Despite its location in Empire State, which is famous for expensive housing, Lockport offers the lowest median price of homes among all the best suburbs on the list. An average house in this Buffalo suburb costs only 117 000 dollars. For comparison, the average price of a house in Deer Park - the best suburb of New York - is much higher and amounts to 425 000 dollars.


  • Portland: Sherwood

In Sherwood, the main suburb of Portland, there are 0,82 violent crimes and 11,71 crimes against ownership of 1000 residents. The average home price in this area is 485 000 dollars, and the average monthly rent is 2 016 dollars. Residents can expect an average of 18 887,74 dollars per year for non-housing items such as food, healthcare, utilities and transportation.


  • Philadelphia: Lansdale
  • Pittsburgh: Plum

In the upper suburb of Pittsburgh, 1000 residents account for 4,55 property crimes, which is the 3 largest real estate crime rate among all the best suburbs on the list. Plum will cost less than Lansdale when it comes to cost of living. Lansdale’s North Penn School District boasts a phenomenal maximum rating for overall quality, a cut above the “good plus” level earned by Plum Borough School District in Plama.

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