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Airplane flying from California makes an emergency landing: the FBI arrested one of the passengers

A Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles (California) airport made an emergency landing after a man tried to break into the cockpit. Writes about it CBS Local.

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Delta Flight 386 was bound for Nashville, Tennessee, authorities said. The video from the plane shows how the flight attendants and passengers fight with the man, grab him and hold him.

After the man was detained and the crew was able to seat the rest of the passengers, the pilots made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the passenger was taken into custody. The FBI Albuquerque reported that there was no threat to society.

One of the passengers on that flight said that it looked like the man was either panicking and in the midst of a mental breakdown, or perhaps taking drugs.

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Another passenger, Jessica Robertson, called the situation "dire," but said flight attendant Christopher Williams "acted quickly" to bring the situation under control.

“He kept knocking on the cockpit door,” the stewardess remarked.

Delta issued a statement of the incident, which said: “Thank you to the crew and passengers on Delta Flight 386, traveling from Los Angeles to Nashville, for helping to apprehend the naughty passenger. The plane landed without incident in Albuquerque. "

It is reported that the incident is being investigated by the FBI. The rest of the passengers arrived in Nashville about five hours late.

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The Federal Aviation Administration said there has been an alarming increase in the number of passengers interrupting flights this year, including a woman who hit a flight attendant during a flight.

The FAA is currently prosecuting passengers for misconduct that compromises the safety of crew members and other passengers.

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