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Samba Party and Vegan Food Festival: How to Spend a Weekend in Miami (January 27-29)

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What: Superblue Interactive Exhibition

When: Friday-Sunday, January 27-29

Where: Superblue Miami, 1101 Northwest 23rd Street Miami, FL 33127

More: Superblue supports the world's most innovative artists to bring you incredible experiences. These artists push the boundaries of what art can be, provide an impressive experience to share. Artists get the space and freedom to create large-scale immersive installations that visitors can enjoy and share on social media.

Cost: $ 32-42


What: Celebration of the Lunar New Year

When: Friday-Sunday, January 27-29

Where: Hakkasan Fontainebleau 4441 Collins Ave Miami

More: Located in Miami Beach's iconic Fontainebleau resort, Hakkasan has been serving fine Chinese cuisine in Miami Beach for over a decade. To celebrate this Lunar New Year, they are bringing back the ever-popular Dim Sum Brunch, featuring a variety of steamed and pan-fried dumplings, including vegetarian options.

The Chinese New Year celebration in Hakkasan runs from January 19 to February 5. It includes a special set menu with classic dishes such as dim sum and cherry tree smoked duck.

Cost: From $ 0


What: Vegan Food and Wine Festival

Photo: IStock

When: Friday-Sunday, January 27-29

Where: For a complete list of events and venues, see link.

More: If you love food festivals, then this is a great place to diversify your experience a bit. The Plant Food and Wine Festival offers events ranging from grand tastings to small workshops and panels featuring an entire group of vegan stars. In addition, everyone will be able to take part in the battle of vegetable burgers.

Cost: From $ 0


What: Color of the year show

When: Friday-Sunday, January 27-29

Where: Artechouse 736 Collins Ave Miami 33139

More: Viva Magenta and Artechouse Miami Beach have teamed up to present a multi-sensory study of the Pantone Color of the Year. A dizzying array of magenta textures, sounds and tactile expressions awaits you, scattered throughout the immersive rooms of the art center. These include a Purple Space LED Tunnel and a massive Magentaverse planet that wobbles with changes in gravity.

Cost: $ 17-30


What: Exhibition “Curious George”

When: Saturday-Sunday, January 28-29

Where: Miami Children's Museum 980 MacArthur Cswy Watson Island Miami 33132

More: The Miami Children's Museum invites everyone to a nostalgic exhibition. It is filled with wonders dedicated to the characters and the world of Curious George, first introduced to the world in 1939. The sensory installation plays on children's natural curiosity by encouraging them to explore science, math and engineering through hands-on interactive play.

Cost: $ 0-24


What: Rooftop Samba Party

Photo: IStock

When: Sunday, January 29, from 17:00

Where: The Upside The Moxy South Beach 915 Washington Miami Beach 33139

More: A Brazilian-style holiday combines many of our favorite entertainment: tropical cocktails, live music and stunning views. Samba band Tata do Povo and DJ Lucca Savi will play their sets, while Brazilian dancers will circle the rooftop terrace.

Cost: From $ 0


In addition, look for interesting events for every day of the week in our calendar... Come in, find out, share with your friends. Before visiting, check the organizer's websites for details and locations of events, as they may change.

Keep us informed about what is happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking diaspora by mail

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