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The happiest profession in the USA: 5 steps to mastering it with tuition after you get to work

The Software Quality Assurance profession confidently maintains leadership in the ratings of the happiest posts Forbes and many others since 2014. Another good news is that it is quite possible to master this specialty in a short time, and you can not pay for training before you go to work.

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There is such an expression: "Find your dream job - and you do not have to work a single day in your life." The profession of Quality Assurance (QA) software testers is an excellent choice for those who want to earn good money and not “burn out” at work, but enjoy life.

The situation with happiness among the representatives of this profession is quite stable - QA is in second place in the ranking of the happiest professions for the past 5 years.

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Why is this profession so good:

  1. It is well paid (salaries in the IT industry are higher than in others, and are growing rapidly due to staff shortages).
  2. It’s easy to master (you just need to know the tools for working in QA, as well as know how to conduct testing correctly using a fairly simple set of skills).
  3. Do not “burn” at work (rarely load overtime, work in a measured mode).
  4. It opens up broad career prospects (QA is the easiest way to get into the IT industry).
  5. To master this specialty, you do not need to spend a lot of money on training. For example, there are courses from school www.JobEasy.aithat allow you not to pay big money for training before going to work. Such an option is offered only by those schools that are confident in their methodology and that their students will go to work - otherwise they themselves will earn almost nothing.

Max Glubochansky. Photos from the personal archive

According to the co-founder of JobEasy Max Glubochansky, to get such a profession, it is enough to go through only five steps:

  1. To decide. Often, it is the lack of determination that is the main obstacle to getting a dream job. The right attitude - and everything will work out.
  2. Find a teacher - a mentor or school that can give clear and correct directions in learning.
  3. Choose an effective teaching methodology. Unfortunately, many courses bother students with unnecessary information, when, on the contrary, you need to give the necessary minimum to get the first good job, and not try to teach all the nuances of the profession. All the details of a new profession, beginners quickly learn after entering work.
  4. Actively submit a resume. In the field of QA, there are a lot of vacancies, and in order to increase your chances of getting a job and a high salary, you need to actively submit your resume in order, ideally, to have several offers and choose, bargain from them. Unfortunately, many quickly give up, forgetting that looking for a job is a full-time job, and you need to spend 2-3 months on this process.
  5. Pass the interview. It is important to find people or a school who will very effectively prepare for an interview both from a professional and from a psychological point of view, because it is important to stay confident in an interview. You also need to be prepared for the fact that the first interviews may not succeed - this is part of the process and you need to move on working on the mistakes.

You can get a QA specialty at school, and on favorable terms: you pay the main amount for your training after you get to work, and if you haven’t got a job, you don’t need to pay.

JobEasy provides support in every step, both professionally and psychologically. School specialists help with the preparation and placement of resumes with the right keywords, with the receipt of letters of recommendation and preparation for the interview.

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The most popular area of ​​the JobEasy school today is the Manual Testing course: intensive online training, after which the students of the course receive job offers up to $ 95 for a full time job and $ 000 / hour for a contract. The course lasts a month, classes take place five days a week. Many past students are happy to share their success stories. At the same time, the first lessons are completely free, without any obligations on your part. After the third lesson, students pay only $ 695 for registration for the course (unlike others, schools that take up to $ 5000 immediately), and the rest only after going to work at QA. If the student does not go to work in QA, then you do not need to pay anything else. That is why JobEasy is interested in the success of its students both morally and financially.

Photo courtesy of JobEasy

If you are closely involved in Manual Testing and this stage of development has already been completed, JobEasy awaits you for a course Test Automation Selenium WebDriver & Python - And after 10 weeks you will be able to apply for vacancies with a starting salary of $ 115. The school offers an educational option for this course without any prepayment, that is, if you suddenly do not get a job, the course will be completely free.

Manual Testing and Test Automation from JobEasy is a very advantageous offer, taking into account the fact that other schools in this direction take the full cost even before the start of classes and are not so interested in leaving their students to work. In addition, it is also a pass to one of the happiest professions in the United States.

You can register for the course on the website:

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