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Leader for 42 years in a row: what is the best-selling car in America

America's best-selling car rolls off the assembly line every 53 seconds at Ford's Dearborn, Michigan plant. Since the F-150 was introduced 76 years ago, more than 41 million of these pickups have been sold, reports VOANews.

Ford Ranger Platinum stopped on a road.

Photo: iStock.com/Tramino

“The F Series has been the best-selling pickup truck in the United States for 47 years and the best-selling vehicle of any type in the United States for 42 years,” said John Emmert, general manager of Ford North America.

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Why he

What makes the pickup truck so popular from generation to generation? According to Vaugh Adams, a city employee in Sterling Heights, Michigan, he was introduced to the Ford F-150 by his father-in-law. Adams liked it so much that the man immediately bought this pickup truck for himself.

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“I bought a house, and there was a need to transport furniture and various items for the yard. That’s why a pickup truck was needed,” Adams explained. — I really liked the interior of the car and everything in it - from leather to just fabric seats. The car has a big touch screen and it's amazing."

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Ford attributes its success to constant innovation.

“We're always interacting with customers, whether it's through market research or seeing how they use our vehicles,” Emmert noted. “We take all of this information and design F-150 vehicles to meet customer needs at every possible stage.”

A car with history

The first incarnation of the Ford 150 appeared in 1948. Ford was the first to design a pickup truck for everyday drivers, not just commercial use.

“The one product that Ford always seems to put some of its technology leadership into is the F Series,” shared Kevin Joostem, former president of the Washington Auto Press Association.

Joostem says another reason the F-150 is so popular is that Ford offers a variety of options to suit consumers' individual needs. This includes options such as certain engine types or larger cabins that can accommodate more passengers.

“You can say, I need a 2,5-foot-long pickup truck with a crew cab, and Ford has one,” he assured. “Other pickup truck manufacturers don’t do this.” This is the widest base of proposals, it has everything.”


At the Dearborn plant, pickup trucks are continually produced by 5200 employees who work 10 hours a day. In the final stages of the manufacturing process, they test the engine and assemble the body, where the main parts of the pickup are connected together. The process is controlled by both computers and workers on the floor. People and machines work in tandem to produce a new pickup truck in less than a minute during final assembly.

“Each workstation has its own computer, and it literally helps the virtual station operator make sure we're delivering quality,” said Corey Williams, Ford Dearborn pickup plant manager.

Williams points to the factors he believes keep clients coming back to this model decade after decade.

“It's technology. This is the interior. You get into the cabin and it feels like a premium car,” Williams said. “You forget you're in a pickup truck.”

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For people concerned about gas mileage, Ford has developed the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning.

Joostem and other reviewers lament poor fuel economy as the main drawback of these pickups. But most Americans don't seem to mind, as tens of millions of F-1940s have been sold since the 150s, including 750 in the United States in 789.

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