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Russian women were given instructions on how to behave with husbands who return from the war in Ukraine 'perverted and aggressive'

Russian women are being warned that soldiers fighting in Ukraine could return home as sexual sadists with a burning desire to rape, reports Dailymail.

The Depression Woman Sit On The Floor


The circular for military wives highlights the profound psychological changes faced by soldiers on the front lines.

“They may manifest themselves in temporary intolerance to touch and decreased sexual desire,” says the instructions for military wives. “However, they can also be expressed in increased sexual arousal, the need for frequent sexual intercourse, and a predisposition to aggressive forms of sex.” Read about the fact that Russian soldiers are forced to rape each other, spread rot and mock them in our material.

What recommendations does the manual give?

Women are being advised to give their traumatized men a chance to “thaw out” after returning alive from a massacre where hundreds of thousands of people died. Read the story of a Russian prisoner who escaped from this war to Europe in our article.

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“Men must get used to the fact that the danger has passed and there will be no stab in the back,” says the instructions of the All-Russian Popular Front. This organization was created by Putin for “active citizens” in Russia.

“It is not recommended to approach him sharply from behind. It is better to speak in a quiet voice first, and then approach and touch him. If he doesn't mind, hug him more often. He needs to make it clear that he can come to you at any time. Here is your hand, you are nearby and you will wait as long as necessary so that your spouse can extend his hand to you in return,” the instructions say.

Women are advised not to force fighters to talk about their experiences in the war, and not to upset them if they return disabled.

Women are advised never to compare their husbands with other men who may be more adaptable.

“It often happens that the husband, upon returning, withdraws and does not say anything,” the instructions explain. “In this case, you need to try to make him want to talk.” Tell him: “Your experience is very important. You can share it whenever you see fit."

“Just be there and show him that when he is ready to talk, you will respond to his desire and listen. Learn to listen to silence and just be there,” advise the authors of the instructions.

Wives should not criticize fighters who return home, even if they put bars on their apartment windows to feel safer, or sleep with their clothes on, or behave inappropriately.

“It is important to understand that behind this there is a need for security that was lost during the fighting,” these compilers explain to the women. “Support him and say: ‘If you want to install a grille, do it if it’s important to you.’”

Women are urged not to say they “understand” the militants. They are advised to instead say, “I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through.”

“Tell your husband that post-traumatic stress disorder is a normal reaction of the body after military action. Professional help will help you cope with it, advise the authors of the instructions. - Make sure he doesn't blame himself. Try to explain that PTSD is not a weakness or failure, but a common reaction to stress and trauma that requires help.”

Hundreds of murders, rapes and beatings

The instructions were criticized by human rights activists. For example, Alena Popova said that Russian women are required to accept the chaos that Putin’s war has created.

“Essentially the advice to women is: get over it, you have to be there no matter what he does.” There is no doubt that PTSD is “real” and war is “scary.” It destroys the psyche of any person,” Popova noted. “But a woman shouldn’t have to endure everything because her husband has PTSD.” His aggression even more so. Aggression and violence (any violence) will never be justified by anything. The experience of previous wars has shown that the state does not care about the psyche of the people it sends there.”

She complained that pro-Kremlin leadership instructs women to be “proud” of their man and support him, “even if he uses violence.”

“The families that Putin and his system destroyed now apparently have to thank him for it. And women, in their opinion, must endure and obey. But women will not tolerate this in silence, and their voices are becoming louder,” she emphasized.

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Hundreds of murders, rapes and beatings were committed by those who returned from the war, including convicts. Putin released them and pardoned them because they went to fight in Ukraine. He proudly calls his fighters in Ukraine the “new elite.”

Sexual violence is a common behavior pattern among those returning from war. The Russian army is accused of using rape as a weapon in Ukraine.

Former prisoner and Wagner mercenary, 42-year-old Sergei Shakhmarov, who fought in Ukraine, was found guilty of raping two schoolgirls aged 10 and 12 in Novosibirsk. He was sentenced to 17 years in a maximum security colony.

Another mercenary, 33-year-old Yuri Gavrilov, allegedly lured an 11-year-old girl to his apartment and raped and tortured her for two hours.

Igor Sofonov, 38, who returned from the war in Ukraine, and 37-year-old accomplice Maxim Bochkarev killed six people in a horrific stabbing.

Ivan Rossomakhin, who returned from the war, was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the rape and murder of 85-year-old Yulia Buyskikh.

Pardoned murderer and rapist Vladislav Kanyus stabbed, raped and strangled his ex-girlfriend Vera Pekhteleva 111 times.

Tsyren-Dorzhi Tsyrenzhapov, 42, went back to prison for murder after returning from Ukraine. He was once convicted of the murder and dismemberment of 18-year-old Ekaterina Skvortsova, but in the new realities he was pardoned and sent to war.

This is only a small part of all the horrors that mercenaries returning from the war are doing in Russia.

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