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From today you can check the results of the Green Card Lottery

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3 in May 2016 The US Department of State will publish the results of a visa-drawing program giving the right to become a permanent resident (resident) of the United States, better known as the diversified visa lottery or Green Card.

Everyone who participated can check it out on the official lottery website:

For verification, you must enter the confirmation number that you were given when you submitted your application, the last name and year of birth.


Diversified visa lottery, if you use a more official name, was first organized by the US State Department in 1994, it was then that applicants for the first time could fill out questionnaires. Accordingly, the rally itself took place in the 1995 year, and the first owners of the Green Card could already go to America in 1996. Therefore, the first lottery was assigned the name DV-1996.

Winners have the right to permanent residence in the United States, the opportunity to enjoy the many rights of American citizens, in addition to the right to participate in elections, to apply for citizenship in 5 years.

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