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Russian food in immigration - an overview of stores in New York

New York is a huge cosmopolitan metropolis, mixing people from all over the world. New York has it all. Stores selling Russian and Eastern European products are no exception.

Russian stores have their loyal fans and ardent opponents. Some people believe that Eastern European—so-called “our”—products are of better quality than American, often genetically modified, analogues. Some people, on the contrary, believe that Russian stores can only offer terrible service and “Soviet” rudeness, and everything you need for good nutrition can be bought in regular supermarkets. One way or another, we all go to Russian stores from time to time to buy products we know from childhood and our favorite delicacies.

The editorial board of the Forum prepared a list of Russian stores located in New York with addresses and opening times.

The advantages and disadvantages of each store, as well as the ratings are based on editorial opinions, votes and readers' comments (we got the 41 answer) and customer reviews on and google.maps.

The overall estimate is derived as the arithmetic average of the three presented.


Moscow on the hudson

Address: 801 W 181st St New York, NY 10033.

Phone: 212.740.7397.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-22: 00.

pros: a wide range of products, delicious cooking and cakes, friendly staff, there is a delivery.

Cons: relatively expensive (more expensive than the shops of Russian Brooklyn).

“Moscow on the Hudson - well done, the prices are not Brighton, but the guys keep the Russian style. It’s very good that they have delivery,” Alla left us with this comment. The only negative review on from a Yelper concerns the high prices: “I understand that this store is the only one in the area, but on the other side of the bridge the products are much cheaper.”

On-line products can be ordered on store site. The store offers free shipping on orders from $ 100. ForumDaily readers can get 20% discount on the first order using the FORUM-D coupon.

Score 4.3 from 5 points.


Food Palace

Address: 4407 Broadway Manhattan, NY 10040.

Phone: 201.794.1200.

Hours of operation: 09: 90-21: 00.

pros: eat fresh vegetables and fruits, tasty cooking and cakes, inexpensive.

Cons: expired products.

Kevin at shares his impressions: "Good quality, wide selection and affordable prices."

“Even though the prices are relatively low, there is still no attention and two times we fell for the “Soviet” approach - either the canned food was expired or the cereal was full of bugs,” writes Alla in our survey.

Score 3.3 from 5 points.


Euro Market

Address: 3042 31st St Astoria, NY 11102.

Phone: 718.545.5569.

Hours of operation: 06: 00-00: 00.

pros: a wide range of products, works almost around the clock, relatively inexpensive.

Cons: expired products.

“I love this store for many reasons. A wide range of products, a great selection of sausages and cheese. A huge selection of beers from Europe, ”- writes Katie on the website One of the users of Google maps left a displeased comment: “I noticed that some of the products I bought here were expired. The seller of the store returned me the money, but did not remove the bad goods from the counter. ”

Score 4 from 5 points.


Net Cost Market

Address: 97-10 Queens Blvd Rego Park, NY 11374.

Phone: 718.459.4400.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-21: 00.

pros: wide range, tasty cooking, relatively inexpensive.

Cons: expired products, not always friendly staff.

The site a lot of both enthusiastic and extremely negative reviews. Jackie writes: “A huge selection of products and great prices. Such prices you will not find anywhere else. In addition, clean, calm and there are no huge queues ", while Jack simply resents:" Strawberry jam, bought in the store, was covered in mold. Sellers refused to return the money because the purchase was made more than three days ago. Sellers are terribly unfriendly, speak English badly and discuss Russian buyers. ”

Score 3.4 from 5 points.


Food Bazaar Supermarket

Address: 42-02 Northern Blvd Long Island City, NY 11101.

Phone: 347.448.8860.

Hours of operation: around the clock.

pros: work around the clock, a wide range, there is parking.

Cons: relatively expensive, not always fresh vegetables and fruits.

“Best supermarket in Queens. Huge selection of products, large area, open 24 hours a day. I love looking at the products in this store, it inspires me to create new recipes,” writes Ida on the Google maps website. But Tristan is not very happy: “Yes, they have a large selection, but the prices are very high. The quality of the products is poor - everything is tasteless and spoils quickly. I won’t come here again.”

Score 4.3 from 5 points.


Polish GI Delicatessen

Address: 109 First Ave New York, NY 10003.

Phone: 212.982.7893.

Hours of operation: 07: 00-19: 00.

pros: friendly staff, tasty cooking, good selection.

Cons: there are cases of food poisoning.

"I love this place. Very tasty sausages and sausages. But the best thing about the store is the elderly Polish women who cook the food there. They give the impression that your grandmother cooked it all,” Angel writes on the site On the same site there is a very unhappy comment from Sarah: “Me and my boyfriend were poisoned with dumplings from this store. Both of us were very bad. I know for sure that this is because of the dumplings, as this is the only dish we ate together that day. ”

Score 3.8 from 5 points.


Gastronom International Market

Address: 63-32 108th St Forest Hills, NY 11375.

Phone: 718.459.3956.

Hours of operation: 08: 00-21: 30.

pros: has its own cooking, friendly staff, a good selection of products.

Cons: expired products.

“This store stands up to all international food stores. Whatever you want, it's here. Sausages, cheeses, spices, drinks - a great selection of everything,” Ara wrote on But Jane advises to be careful and always check the expiration date of the purchased product.

Score 3.75 from 5 points.


East Village Meat Market

Address: 139 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003.

Phone: 212.228.5590.

Hours of operation: 08: 00-18: 00.

pros: own cooking, a wide selection of meat and sausages.

Cons: sellers can cheat (dips).

This store has a lot of rave reviews. So Nazariy left the following review on Google Maps: “It’s easy to get confused in the store, as they have a huge selection of products. But the friendly staff is always happy to help you. This is the best place for Eastern European delicacies, especially for meat products. ” The only negative comment, however, is serious enough, Shal says on “I saw a young salesman crush the scales a little while weighing meat to put on weight. At the same time, he grinned at the other seller. Interestingly, that they are taught in the store? ".

Score 4.3 from 5 points.


Premier Food

Address: 738 Lydig Ave Bronx, NY 10462.

Phone: 718.829.3760.

Hours of operation: 08: 00-19: 00.

pros: relatively inexpensive, good choice.

Cons: negative comments were not found (the store is not very popular).

“A good choice, reasonable prices” is the only comment about this store on Google maps.

Score 3.2 from 5 points


Polish Deli

Address: 225 Nepperhan Ave Yonkers, NY 10701.

Phone: 914.476.1183.

Hours of operation: 08: 00-19: 00.

pros: has its own cooking, cleanliness in the store.

Cons: relatively small selection.

“Excellent store with a large selection of Polish and Eastern European products. They have everything - sausages, cheeses, dumplings. They also prepare fresh homemade food. I will definitely come here again,” John shares his impressions on Jeff contradicts him: “The choice is very small, but the products are good. But the seller ate while serving customers. Boy, wait until lunch break."

Score 4 from 5 points.


Netcost market

Address: 3155 Amboy Rd Staten Island, NY 10306.

Phone: 718.668.2910.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-20: 00.

pros: has its own cooking, clean, relatively inexpensive, a good choice.

Cons: there are bad or expired products, not always friendly staff.

I’m very pleased with the store Nadya (review on “Excellent Russian store. Here you can find everything - from real Russian bread to everyone’s favorite sweets, from dumplings and kefir to caviar.” On the website, Igor notes both the pros and cons of the store, which, in his opinion, are “often spoiled vegetables and fruits, poor control over the store’s assortment, often expired caviar.”

Score 4 from 5 points.


Taste of Russia

Address: 219 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Phone: 718.934.6167.

Hours of operation: 08: 00-21: 00.

pros: large selection, clean, good prices, has its own cooking.

Cons: hair in culinary products, inhospitable staff.

“Taste of Russia is an excellent store. Everything is fresh and tasty, ”said Shukhrat Sharipov in the comments to the survey. And the user under the name Magnus on the website warns: “The food is good, the choice is good. But the staff is just terrible. ”

Score 3.7 from 5 points


Brighton bazaar

Address: 1007 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Phone: 718.769.1700.

Hours of operation: 08: 00-22: 00.

pros: has its own great cooking, a large selection.

Cons: unfriendly staff, forced to hand over bags at the entrance to the store.

The opinion that Victoria left on the website: “This is my favorite Russian store in Brighton. The store is clean, everything is well organized, the choice is huge. ” Stephanie on the same site writes: “Cashiers in the store probably get very little. Because they are the toughest people I have ever met. ”

Score 3.8 from 5 points


Net Cost Market

Address: 2257 E 16th St Brooklyn, NY 11229.

Phone: 718.368.0402.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-21: 00.

pros: a good range of products.

Cons: unfriendly staff, a lot of people.

Janis, a user of, was very pleased: “This store has everything and not only Russian products. Here you can also buy Italian and Polish goods. ” Elena is very disappointed (comment on google maps): “You can be proud of your store, you can’t find more boorish establishments in all of Brooklyn ... The buyer in front of me was cut the same bread without any problems, and I was told that it was hot. It was November 1 between the 14 and the 15 clock. ”

Score 3.7 from 5 points.


Gold Label International Food

Address: 281 / 285 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Phone: 347.312.3111.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-20: 00.

pros: has its own cooking, a wide selection of products.

Cons: rude staff, inability to call.

Kate ( “I most often go to this store. Great choice. I especially like their sales, which they arrange outside, often I buy there a cracker and bread. ” Sergey on the same site: "It is very unpleasant when sellers are rude."

Score 4.3 from 5 points


Cherry hill market

Address: 2284 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11214.

Phone: 718.373.4900.

Hours of operation: around the clock.

pros: has its own cooking, a good selection of salads, work around the clock, their own pastries.

Cons: expired goods, unfriendly staff, a lot of people.

“This store is often crowded with visitors, but this is not surprising, because there is an excellent selection of products. I always come here if I can not find something in other stores. The products are always fresh, ”writes Nina on Tifanni, on the same site, is very unhappy: “I come here only as a last resort. The staff is very unfriendly, especially in the cooking department. I wanted to take a photo on the phone for this review, for which I received from the seller. ”

Score 4.1 from 5 points.


Net Cost Market

Address: 608 Sheepshead Bay Rd Brooklyn, NY 11224.

Phone: 718.946.5400.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-21: 00.

pros: clean.

Cons: staff dishonesty, slow service.

“The best store. I feel at home here. The products are a little expensive, but they are worth it, they are excellent. There is everything from dumplings to Kyiv cakes. I would go here every day,” writes Katerina on Nick doesn't agree with her. In his commentary on the same website, he urges customers to be especially careful at the checkout: “at the checkout, products suddenly turn out to be more expensive for unknown reasons. And if you buy a lot of things, the staff may “forget” one of the bags under the checkout, this has happened to me and other people.”

Score 3.6s from 5 Points


Gala Apple International

Address: 4102 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11218.

Phone: 718.686.7590.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-19: 00.

pros: there is a delivery, relatively inexpensive.

Cons: not fresh food.

“Love, love, love this store. Great products, great staff. Always fresh products at very cheap prices. There are no long queues, ”Aaron wrote on Jen absolutely disagrees with him: “Great store, great prices, but more than half of the products with an expired shelf life. Always check the expiration date before you buy something here. ”

Score 3.3 from 5 points.



Address: 7217 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Phone: 718.921.5496.

Hours of operation: 09: 00-20: 00.

pros: friendly staff.

Cons: small selection of products.

We did not find comments about this store on the Internet, so the author of the article himself visited there. Very nice and friendly staff, always greet and smile and keep the conversation going. But the choice of products is really very small.

Score 3.2 from 5 points.


Cherry hill gourmet inc

Address: 1901 Emmons Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Phone: 718.616.1900.

Hours of operation: around the clock, a wide range of products.

pros: works around the clock.

Cons: relatively expensive, dishonest and not very friendly staff.

“This shop has the best cakes in town. I advise you to try their cake Ferrero Rocher. The store is not cheap, but the staff is very friendly and know their products very well, ”Zhanna shares her impressions on the website. Marianne contradicts her: “In-store service is unprofessional. First you have to wait until the seller, busy talking, deigns to approach. And then the seller will serve you, taking food (dumplings, for example) straight with your hands. ”

Score 4 from 5 points.

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