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The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.
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Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

Russian food in immigration - a review of Florida stores

Only after living for several years far from your native country and being fed up with the local colorful cuisine do you begin to understand that Russian food is not so bad after all, but healthy, tasty and “native”.

It is not always possible to buy high-quality Russian products abroad, but the Russian-speaking community of South Florida is lucky. There are many grocery stores, cafes and restaurants serving Russian cuisine.

In these stores you can meet not only “Russians”, but also American housewives who are happy to buy organic vegetables and delicious dairy products that are inexpensive compared to the same Whole Foods chain. It is also convenient that Russian stores are open on all American public holidays, including Christmas and Easter, when all regular supermarkets are closed.

The Forum editors have prepared a list of Russian stores located in the southern part of Florida, with addresses and opening hours.

The advantages and disadvantages of each store, as well as the estimates are based on editorial opinions, readers' votes and comments (we received 106 responses) and customer reviews on and google.maps.

The overall estimate is derived as the arithmetic average of the three presented.


= Kalinka

Address: RK Village Plaza, 18090 Collins Avenue, T-24, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
Phone: 305.705.9333
Opening hours: 07:30-22:00
pros: there is a savings card, tasty cooking and cakes.
Cons: relatively expensive, not always friendly staff.
“I love this place! Homemade Russian food and very nice sellers. There isn't much choice, but everything they have is fantastic. There are always tables. Yes, and they make very tasty coffee!” — a satisfied Anna writes on the website Manny, on the contrary, is indignant at the review
“I bought 2 packs of Torcik Wedlowski Polish waffles. The expiration date on both packs was August 10, 2004. YES!, 11 years ago. What a shame! I live far away and have not returned to hand them over. Be careful, check the expiration date!
Score 3.9 from 5 points


Address: RK Village Plaza 18220 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Phone: 305.974.0250
Opening hours: 09: 00 - 22: 00

Pros: friendly staff.
Cons: there are cases of poisoning, relatively expensive, cafes right in the parking lot.
“This store-restaurant deserves 5 stars! Cozy atmosphere, good service and low prices. Everything we tried there was very tasty. I'll definitely come back. And the desserts are, well, very tasty,” says Danny B. in a review on the site
“Matryoshka and Europe are the worst stores in relation to customers. Often expired and spoiled ready-made meals. Disgusting attitude towards the buyer in principle. Stupid music playing all the time. I feel like I’m in the USSR,” Oksana wrote to Forum (you can see her and other comments here).
The store owners recently attended to the quality of products and placed an ad with a call to complain about low-quality goods.
Score 3.8 from 5 points


Address: 17080 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
Phone: 305.528.1989
Opening hours: 09:00-22:00
Pros: a glass of wine as a gift for dinner, has its own cooking.
Cons: prices are not always indicated, visitors complain that sellers are cheating them.
“Dates are constantly interrupted, cooking, especially salads, lie for weeks. The prices are too high, just like in Matryoshka,” expresses his dissatisfaction Ksenia.
“Rather, at the core of its strategy, it is associated as a café-culinary. They cook wonderfully. Everything is the freshest. I use their services when I don’t have time to cook myself,” noted Sergey Strunkov in the comments to survey.
Score 3.3 from 5 points

Marky's gourmet

Address: 687 NE 79th Street, Miami FL 33138
Phone: 305.758.2005
Opening hours: 09:00-19:00
Pros: there is a delivery, the staff speaks many languages, a large selection of products, incl. calves
Cons: not the most convenient location.
“It’s a unique place, you can buy products that you can’t find in other stores. I liked the variety of cheeses, wines, caviar, chocolate and honey! They also have macarons, which they sometimes discount on groupon. I recommend!" — writes Daniela N. on the website
Rogello F., on the same site, is very dissatisfied: “I was there yesterday. Expensive cheese. All employees, except the cheese department employee, need training on how to communicate with people. Rude employees who don't speak a word of English or Spanish!”
Score 3.8 from 5 points


World Market

Address: 1328 S Federal Highway, Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: 954.923.2727

Opening hours: 08:00-21:30

Pros: large selection of products, its own, quite decent, cooking, inexpensive.
Cons: not very polite staff, there are expired goods.
Matthew D. ( “I bought groceries and had to return some of them. The manager is unfriendly, you shouldn’t communicate like that in America. We will never come again!”
Sonya G. on the same site: “I liked the selection of Eastern European dishes in the store: sliced ​​sausages and cheeses, salads, canned foods. Delicious!"
Score 4.0 from 5 points

Europa gourmet

Address: 1400 S Federal Highway, Hollywood FL 33020
Phone: 954.925.8989
Opening hours:
Pros: a large selection of cakes and pastries, a large selection of products.
Cons: there is a narrow passage between the display cases, there are no descriptions of the products in English, music “a la the 90s” is playing in the hall.
A buyer under the nickname “Concerned customer” wrote about this store in the comments to the survey: “Europa gourmet is being shortchanged!!!”
Jana G. ( left the same store with completely different emotions: “Wonderful store, friendly staff, large selection of products that are not typical for America. I even want to learn Russian, although everyone there speaks English. I recommend!"
Score 3.8 from 5 points


Wine Beer & Deli

Address: 217 N Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
Phone: 954.458.9880
Opening hours: 08:00-21:30
Pros: sold small Russian souvenirs.
Cons: not always polite staff, unpleasant smell, there are expired products.
Sergey Strunkov writes in comments: “The friendliest atmosphere of all of them. It attracts me because of the lack of crowds and the huge selection of goods in such a relatively small area of ​​the trading floor. I've known them for a long time, when they were still renting on the opposite side of US-1. In my opinion, this was actually the first Russian store; before it, everyone went to a Polish store.”
Daniela V. (review on “It’s a pity that such people are allowed to run a business. All the products were spoiled, when I returned them they made an idiot out of me! Terrible place! This is not Russia, but America, we need to treat it differently here.”
Score 2.7 from 5 points


Russian and Int'l Market

Address: Somerset Shoppes, 8903 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434
Phone: 561.483.6020
Opening hours: 09:00-20:00
Pros: delicious pies, in the hall plays classical music.
Cons: it is impossible to reach the phone number indicated - not too much choice.
Tim F., user, was very pleased: “Wonderful unusual Russian food. They have a lunch special for $6.99 which includes soup, pies, dessert and a drink! We will definitely come back to try again!”
Ashley H. disappointed (also “I tried to order food by phone - no one answered, and when they answered the phone, no one spoke English!”


Lacomka Russian Bakery & Deli

Address: 2050 N Semoran Boulevard, Winter Park, FL 32792
Phone: 407.677.1101
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00
Pros: friendly staff, great baking, cheap
Cons: small selection of products, require a tip for table service, even if you take food to go.
Sergei Strunkov, in comments to the Forum survey, wrote that “employees do not hide their reluctance to increase the assortment due to sluggish trade and high delivery prices.”
Cady G. ( disagree: “This is a diamond among all the stores in the region! A huge selection of Russian chocolate and sweets, and it turns out to be very tasty! I recommend!"

Ararat Euro Food & Bistro

Address: 7540 Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407.351.3131
Opening hours: 11:00-23:00
Pros: inexpensive, tasty prepared food.
Cons: may close before the specified hours of operation.
The site Tommy S. writes: “The food is very tasty, the service is fast, you will not be disappointed with Russian food!”
Kalei R. also warns there: “Someone stole our bank card in the store and spent a lot of money that evening. Be careful!


Camilla Eastern European Foods Market

Address: 4947 Tamiami Trail N #102, Naples FL 34103
Phone: 239.776.7034
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00
Pros: very friendly staff, lots of hard-to-find products and delicacies, the store is a member of the Weston A Price Foundation.
Cons: Slow service, relatively expensive.
Opinion, which left on site Alex G.: “Nice little Russian shop! The prices are high, but they are the only Russian store between Miami and Tampa.”
Grace J. on the same site writes: “The store is small, I expected it to be at least the same as in Illinois or Connecticut, but ok...”
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