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Russian speaking gays and lesbians start over in new york

Russians are seeking political asylum in the United States. According to data by Radio Liberty2015, 1,454, 50 asylum requests, 2014, 2012. That was the highest number in the past 20 years.

Immigration lawyers who signed the law on the national law of 2013.

It was heavily criticized by international activists and international organizations, including the UN; however, most of Russians support it. He found the opinion of the public opinion poll. XGB NUMX%

The country in Ukraine, Belorussia, and other countries are no better than those who are trying to get any better.

There are no communities. In the US, gays and lesbians may be treated tolerantly and friendly. 2015 in the 50 states. In late 2015, Barack Obama was featured on the cover of OUT, becoming the first US president of LGBT magazine. The editors' board of OUT said it was an historic moment in historic year.

In the United States, it can be seen. Finding a job for children.

Fleeing abroad

Roman Morozov came in New York not so long ago. Hollywood blockbuster with a drama.

To escape persecution, Roman Morozov was forced to flee through Belorussia and Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Roman Morozov.

To escape persecution, Roman Morozov was forced to flee through Belorussia and Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Roman Morozov.

In the town of Kovrov, Vladimir oblast. He was a gay. Morozov was sure that gays shouldn’t go hiding. Otherwise they wouldn’t be human beings like anybody else.

Coping with public condemnation after his coming out, Morozov got involved in public activities. Several years ago, he organized the Gay Liberation Front in Russia.

“We’ve been a brand ambassador. ... We were helping Mikhail Pishchevsky, a gay from Minsk, who was beaten for his sexual orientation. “Consequentially died”, ”Roman says. [The man who beat Pishchevsky to death has been released - ForumDaily.]

In addition to a Facebook group, Morozov and his associates were taking to the streets; one of them organized one-man demonstrations. In September, the gay activist decided to run in the city. This was the first time that the local election was. He was going after him.

“Journalists, if you could call them that, they were competing in calling me names. 'Sodomite' was the mildest of them. I was campaigning in their homes. Neighbors were on the door, ”Morozov says describing his election campaign.

As a result, he refused to register. Roman thought he would be luckier in Moscow.

“But I was wrong. I am gay I was in a relationship with a guy. Terrible! As they saw us together. We’re using only one bed, ”the activist says.

Soon after, Roman was summoned to the Federal Security Service (FSB). He calls the law on public calls to the extremist activities on the internet.

“The FSB serviceman had a discussion of how to follow up. On the pages, the details were highlighted, and numbers written. Those were the articles of the Criminal Code, I got that straight away. Those were mostly articles 280 and 282, ”Roman says. [280 and 282 cover humiliation of dignity and extremist activities - ForumDaily.]

The lawyer was contacted by a lawyer who was hired for a $ 5,000 fee. Otherwise, he said, Morozov would face five years in prison.

As he returned home, He didn't want to push his luck; Roman talked to his boyfriend

Morozov went to Minsk from there. Passport control. Chances are banned to travel abroad.

“That was a challenge. I was going to It has been checked. She said it wasn’t, “the guy seems OK”, “the gay activist recalls.

In Kyiv, Roman Morozov activists for help. “In America I can’t give his name. They say, “Roman says.

Morozov has moved to Georgia since then. “I am kind of settled, have a room. Some time ago, I was fine. Soon I am going there. I’m a lot of ideas to implement in America, ”the activist says.

A love found

Elena Goltsman, a Russian-speaking LGBT activist in New York, was not persecuted, like Roman. She came to New York from 25 years ago with her husband, “A Jewish immigrant.”

“I knew I was a lesbian. Silence is death. But how was I supposed to say that? That was my problem. It was a tragedy for my entire family, ”she says.

Eventually, Elena had been understood and accepted. Four years ago she was remarried to a music teacher Barbara. The two women met in synagogue. It was a wedding dress for the couple.

“If you’re mom and dad divorced, that's the problem. And if mom married a woman - that's OK. “Elena says.

During her classes.

In 2008, Elena Goltsman established an organization for Russian-speaking gays arriving in America. The idea was proposed by gay-friendly Congregation Beit Simchat Torah in New York. That's where the players play in early 2015.

New York and posting leaflets around the city.

“If you are a lesbian and you speak English - call this number. I also draw matryoshka dolls with mustache. People started calling. “Elena says.

Dozen of associates As of early 2016, the group included about 500 people. RUSA LGBT has offices in Washington, Boston, and San Francisco. The organization also started fighting for gay rights in Russia.

It was a meeting of the general assembly.

In addition, Russian gays who arrive in the US do not know where to go. RUSA LGBT is there to help them. The organization's activists give advice on receiving legal aid.

Every day, Elena and other volunteers respond to e-mails and Skype calls. The group has a website and to Facebook page.

Many ask how to leave Russia. “Do not have a call to leave. We’ve only provided detailed information for those who want to go there, ”Goltsman says.

In addition, it can be a letter.

“We offer this letter that person is a member of our community. Of course we can’t write that Ivan Ivanov is gay. We can't give 100%. “It’s not a bad thing.” “Goltsman says.

In the future, it would be necessary to provide you with the property. If you’re still unsolved, it’s not a problem.

Authorized entry only

There is another Russian-speaking peer support group for gays and lesbians in New York. They have a Facebook page Human Rights Organization Project Reach. “We are happy to cooperate with Russia immigrants. Couldn’t meet ”Don Kao says.


15 people from CIS countries.

“This is why we’ve been fighting for fears. “They are understandable,” says Alexey Gorshkov, one of the group's organizers.

To become a member, one needs.

“We cannot help with money. But we can help with information. We are a group of people. They also cover psychological aid. We have contacts of charge-free lawyers. Gorshkov says.

The group has another rule: no straights allowed.

“We can’t guarantee a gay or a lesbian. “We’ll have some suspicions,” Alexey says.

One of the group members told ForumDaily It was a minority of the minorities.

“It’s a girl who’s been coming in for the group discussion. We tried to check it out. It turned out she was not a lesbian. But she somehow managed to pass an interview. I’m registering for a green card at the moment, as I know, ”the anonymous member said.

Sober point of view

Alexey Gorshkov, of the Russian-speaking gays, said that he would be euphoric.

“Unfortunately, many Russian gays are caught by temptations, including a new sexual experience ... In New York, He says, “he says.

In addition, both challenges as immigrants. “I’m not able to see people It’s not as easy as it’s here, ”Gorshkov says.

He worked in a university in the United States of America. It was openly gay propaganda among minors straight away.

“I was teaching at pre-study classes in a university. Future college students. I asked for some suspicious questions. Like 'Are you gay?' and more. Several days after it, an FSB officer showed up in the university, ”Gorshkov recalls.

He was a schoolgirl who was interested in a FSB department employee. He came to talk to him, telling him the black list. FSB officer - by gathering information about other gay people.

Gorshkov's life started to get worse. He and his friend were attacked in the city downtown.

“Fag ** ts, and not welcomed in this city. We kept silence. And then they just suddenly attacked us. After the attack, I had six stiches, ”

He didn’t seek justice in law enforcement agencies. Rumors spread in the university that Gorshkov would be fired.

“I was scared. They were shadowing me; FSB officers dial my cell and ask me what I was doing. I moved to another apartment, to my friend's place. People in the university dubbed me a foreign agent. I wasn’t realized, ”the former professor says.

It is the time when it comes to the United States. He has American down-to-earth views of life. “I don't look back. New York is my city. I haven't had a depression yet, and I hope I won't. “If I do, I'll go to visit a therapist,” Alexey says seriously.

Success story: Lev Trakhtenberg

Lev Trakhtenberg is a celebrity, radio host, blogger, producer, and writer. 1990s, So he asked a therapist for help.

“The times were different back then. An American female therapist told me: do not say anything; you will ruin your life. “I’ve always been,” “Trakhtenberg recalls.

Four years ago, Lev and his darling got married in New York. Trakhtenberg's daughter acted as 'the best man.'

“Me and Seryozha have been together for five years now. Of course, we are in a relationship. But we never heard any mockery regarding us. Maybe it's because we're hanging out with nice people. Trakhtenberg was interviewed for ForumDaily], and it's New York, not Voronezh, ”Lev said.

Lev Trakhtenberg with his husband. Photo

Lev Trakhtenberg with his husband. Photo

He said that he was a young man. “I know how many young gays who came to the United States. They have been applying for their citizenship, they have been graduating for their jobs. There is a lot of help, ”Trakhtenberg says.

It gives a piece of advice: “I've been helped newcomer guys many times. I can always share information and answer questions. That's my duty. “We are obliged to help each other,” the producer says.

Trakhtenberg says However, he opposes too much showoff and obscenities in public. He says that he is a man of Show example.

Important contacts

One of the most popular organizations helping LGBT immigrants in the US is Immigration Equality. The foundation offers free of charge charge lawyer services. The hotline for emergency situations, it’s like arrests and deportations, is included on the website.

Currently, Immigration Equality is operating very slowly. You need to wait for several months. The organization doesn’t guarantee your application.


Many russian gays and lesbians the gay center in new york. Every Thursday, the center hosts meetings for gay immigrants (in English and Spanish). Coordinator Mary Steyer told ForumDaily that the center can offer popular individual and family programs. For instance, they have been a project for moms-to-be (lesbians). They meet in the center. Many people ask whether the center offers free accommodation for immigrants, which it does not. But he says, he might like well help.

Organizations helping newcomers, gays and lesbians - Russian organization. All contacts available on the website

Russian Speaking LGBT Support Group NYC - Support group for Russian gays and lesbians - only English-speaking staff here - this organization has some staffers who speak Russian (Irina Mitishchenko, [email protected]) - this is a very popular international organization, has a Russian-speaking interpreter - this organization provides legal aid.

Companies that offer healthcare services - this organization helps HIV positive people.

Jobs and education

For those who are there list of companies who invite representatives to take the jobs. These include huge corporations like Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Sony, Ford Motor Company, and others.

In the city of New York here.

There are also special programs that assist gay immigrants with getting a degree.

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