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How to get Russian citizenship for a child born in the USA

Photo from the personal archive of the author.

Photo from the personal archive of the author

A Russian child born in the United States acquires American citizenship by right of birth, and Russian by birth, and for the latter it suffices that only one of his parents be a citizen of Russia. If both parents are Russians, their child-American cannot travel to their historic homeland simply by issuing a Russian visa - the baby must have Russian citizenship and a foreign passport. ForumDaily Prepared instructions on how to get a Russian passport while in the States.

Two roads, two ways

If you are in the United States and want to get Russian citizenship for a child born here, this can be done in two ways - collect all the documents yourself and take them to the consulate of the Russian Federation or use the services of passport agencies.

The first option is convenient for residents of cities where there is a Russian embassy or consulate, - Washington, New York, San Francisco, Houston и Seattle. You can apply to the consulate personally, having previously made an appointment. At the same time, it is better to set the date of admission in advance, since sometimes you can wait from three to six months for your turn at the consulate.

If there is no Russian consulate in the state, the process of obtaining documents of the Russian Federation is significantly complicated. For example, representatives of the thousands of Russian diaspora in Miami need to fly to New York or Washington for the necessary documents. Some instead of traveling along the east coast prefer to simply go to a passport agency.

Option One: independent paperwork

Russian woman Julia Mitchell met her husband Joe during a trip to the USA on the Work and Travel program in 2010. In 2013, the couple signed in Russia and lived for more than a year in Vladivostok. A year later, Julia arrived in the United States already on his wife's visa, and a year later, the couple had a son, Craig. A happy family lives in Susanville, California.

Julia and Joe Mitchell waiting for their son. Photos from the personal archive.

Julia and Joe Mitchell waiting for their son. Photos from the personal archive

The fact that the child needs to make Russian citizenship and passport, Julia thought even during pregnancy. But with the submission of documents I had to wait a bit - the error in Yulina's maiden name was on the Craig's birth certificate. “In the hospital, the loyalty of all the information was checked by the husband and the maiden name he overlooked,” says Yulia.

It took about a month to get an official addition to the testimony with the corrected error. Thus, now Craig’s birth certificate consists of two pages and is valid only if both are present — the page of the certificate itself with the wrong name and the page about changes to the record.

As the manager stresses Russian Passport Agency Dmitry Lesin, if a child has an American birth certificate, you no longer need to receive a Russian one: “If both parents or the only parent are citizens of the Russian Federation at the time of birth, the child acquires citizenship by birthright. The consular institution stamps on the citizenship of the Russian Federation on the back of the consular stitching birth certificate with an apostil and certified translations, and this stitching is a complete replacement for the Russian birth certificate. Registration of the Russian birth certificate is not required. If only one of the parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the second is a foreigner, then another procedure is carried out - acceptance into the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner based on an application from the parent / guardian. Despite the fact that the procedure is formally different, in fact the child will receive exactly the same consular stitching with a stamp on the citizenship of the Russian Federation. ”

It was from the birth certificate that Julia began collecting documents for obtaining a Russian passport for Craig. It was not difficult to do this - Julia focused on listpublished on the website of the consulate.

Julia Mitchell and her son Craig. Photos from the personal archive.

Julia Mitchell and her son Craig. Photos from the personal archive

Documents required for registration of citizenship of the Russian Federation:

1. American passport child (if there is)

2. Russian parents passports and their copies (if one of the parents is American - a copy and translation of his passport)

3. Foreign passports both parents or the parent who has Russian citizenship)

4. Consent from an American parent to acquire a child of citizenship of the Russian Federation. This document is signed at the consulate. If a parent-american cannot come to the consulate, consent must be issued, notarized, put down the apostille and translated into Russian

5. Marriage certificate (original and copy; if the mother changed her last name, you also need to bring the mother’s birth certificate and its copy with you)

6. Statement for registration of Russian citizenship - the so-called appendix №7

7. Money order for $ 25 for the consulate’s assurance of the fidelity of the transfer of the child’s birth certificate (if one of the parents is American, then another $45 for certifying the American parent's signature on consent).

Money-order is written in the name of the consulate where you go. For example, Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco - if we are talking about a consulate in the state of California, the city of San Francisco. You can take a money-order for a consulate only at the post office, the consulate does not accept money-order from other places and other payment methods.

8. Birth certificate of the child, translated into Russian, with an apostille. Translation of a birth certificate is done independently, according to samplepublished on the website of the consulate. In the column “certificate number” it is necessary to enter the number indicated on the birth certificate under the bar code.

Birth certificate is made automatically on the basis of papers filled in the maternity hospital. After weeks of 6-8, you just need to pick him up either from the clerk at the county office where your child was born (for example, San Mateo County Clerk Office) or at the local Health Department. If you received the document in the Department, before sending it to the apostille, you must go to the clerk's office to authenticate the document. You can reach the clerk without an appointment. His service costs about $ 10.

Photo on paperwork. Photo from the personal archive of Julia Mitchell.

Photo on paperwork. Photos from the personal archive of Julia Mitchell

To put down the apostille, you must send the original birth certificate to the state secretariat. You can find your state’s secretariat and address at National State Secretariat Association website.

In addition to the birth certificate, the secretariat must send:

  • check for the amount $ 20;
  • a note stating that the apostille is needed for the Russian Federation;
  • empty an envelope with your mailing address (a certificate with an apostil will be sent to youwhen it is ready; as a rule, it is done no more than two weeks).

For the registration of Russian citizenship to her son Craig Julia prepared just such a package of documents. “I translated the birth certificate of the child into Russian according to the model, and the appendix to it, where my correct maiden name is indicated, translated itself, since I did not find a template for such an application anywhere. The consulate explained that the main thing is the correctness and accuracy of the translation, and it doesn’t matter what form it is made in, ”Julia shares her experience. Joe Julia's husband's passport also translated independently.

Yulia signed up for the consulate before all the documents were ready. “It’s very convenient that a child doesn’t need to sign up for a passport separately, they accept all documents along with documents for citizenship,” shares Julia’s experience.

Notice that the Russian birth certificate is ready, came exactly two weeks after the submission of documents. The finished certificate must be collected in person at the consulate. The consulate does not send documents by mail.

Julia, Joe and Craig Mitchell. Photos from the personal archive.

Julia, Joe and Craig Mitchell. Photos from the personal archive.

Option Two: registration through the passport agency

Russian woman Kamil Belyaeva, who lives with her husband in Thailand, gave birth to her son Dominic in Honolulu, Hawaii, in February 2016. Initially, she planned to draw up all the documents for the child independently.

“They planned to send a dad to San Francisco, but then it turned out that he would not be able to file documents because he was a citizen of Kazakhstan. To fly with the whole family from Hawaii to the continent is, to put it mildly, expensive. Therefore, immediately after the birth, we began to look for intermediaries, ”says Camille.

When Dominic was three weeks old, and a little more than a month was left before the flight home, Camila in Instragram came across a photo of a girl from California, whose son had just received a Russian passport. I signed with her, took the contacts of the passport agency through which she made the documents, and also used their services.

“For us, the real person’s recommendation turned out to be decisive in choosing a mediator, while the faceless reviews on the websites of companies did not inspire confidence. By the way, they asked for payment for services when the documents were ready and waiting to be sent. As a result, the design of “not leaving the house” took about two weeks and was several times cheaper than a flight to the consulate, ”Kamil shares his experience.

Kamil Belyaeva and her son Dominic. Photos from the personal archive.

Kamil Belyaeva and her son Dominic. Photos from the personal archive

At the same time, the manager Russian Passport Agency Dmitry Lesin notes: "In the case when one of the parents is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, the procedure for the adoption of a child to the citizenship of the Russian Federation is not necessary, unlike the situation when both parents are citizens of the Russian Federation."

Russian Arthur with his wife and two daughters lives in Florida. There is no Russian consulate in the state. The eldest daughter all Russian documents in 2013 year, parents issued themselves. For this, Arthur flew twice to Washington to the embassy of the Russian Federation: he submitted papers for the first time, took the second one. The process of registration of Russian documents took, in general, about a month. Now the procedure has changed a bit: it’s enough just to bring the papers to the embassy or consulate. Russian services are already sending ready documents by mail.

They decided to receive Russian documents for their youngest daughter, who was born in 2015, through a passport agency. Arthur this time had neither the time nor the physical ability to fly to Washington, leaving the spouse alone with two young children.

“In sum, the design of American and Russian documents for the child both cost about 1000 dollars, but because of the difference in the dollar rate, the cost in rubles in 2015 turned out much more - 34 thousand rubles in 2013 year and 65 thousand rubles - in 2015 year For the services of a passport agency, we paid $ 700. The documents were ready within one week, ”says Arthur. “But if in the first case personal labor costs were colossal, because it was necessary to study everything carefully in order to avoid any mistakes, the second time it was much easier.”

Intermediaries Arthur's family was looking carefully not to run into scammers. They chose a company that stood out from both reviews of friends and personal feelings from communicating with its employees. In addition, the fact that Arthur himself received documents for the first time helped to understand the approaches of the passport agency and make the right choice.

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