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Russian Roman Seleznev convicted of hacking by a Seattle court

The son of a State Duma deputy is accused in the case of banking fraud in the millions of dollars. Photo: US Justice Department

The son of a State Duma deputy is accused in the case of banking fraud in the millions of dollars. Photo: US Justice Department

A jury in Seattle found Russian citizen Roman Seleznev, the son of Russian MP Valeriy Seleznev, guilty of stealing credit card information from computer systems of various companies in the United States, including restaurants in Washington state.

The credit card data was then reportedly sold on the black market, causing a total damage of $ 170 million.

According to the jury, Seleznev's guilt on 38 episodes of the criminal case from 40 was proven, including allegations of cyber fraud and unauthorized access to computer networks.

On two points that concerned the theft of information from the Duvall pizza computer system, Seleznev was acquitted.

Judicial process took a week and a half, and the jury pondered over the final decision from noon on Wednesday.

Seleznev's defense presented only one witness in the trial - a computer expert, who said that some operations were carried out with the Russian laptop after being seized by the special services. According to attorney John Henry Brown, federal agents could have “faked” something.

However, a government expert who also testified reported that the only operation performed on Seleznev’s computer was the usual installation of antivirus and software.

The final verdict in the case of Roman Seleznev will be announced on December 2. The Russian faces up to 34 years in prison.

American investigators rank Seleznev among the class of "carders", that is, persons who trade in computer hacking in order to steal credit card details and then trade them on their specialized forums.

The scams incriminated to Seleznev in Seattle refer to the 2007-2014 years.

In April, 2011, Roman Seleznev, was seriously injured as a result of the terrorist attack in Morocco, and was detained in July 2014 in the Maldives, after which he was handed over to the US special services.

Father Seleznev and the Russian Foreign Ministry regarded the detention as an abduction. For their part, American law enforcement agencies insist that the Russians were detained in strict accordance with international law.

Deputy Valery Seleznev called the trial of his son the US revenge for the fact that Russia sheltered Edward Snowden.

Last year, federal prosecutors accused Roman Seleznev and his father of planning their escape from a pre-trial detention center in Seattle, but MP Seleznev called such rumors "nonsense."

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