Russians abroad will receive electronic summons to the army

On April 11, a law was passed in Russia, according to which it is now possible to hand over subpoenas to conscripts through the state portal “Gosuslugi”. At the same time, even those who are abroad will receive them. Writes about it RBC

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The law, among other things, provides for the introduction of a military registration register with personal data of those liable for military service. Based on this information, a register of subpoenas will be created. Russians will get access to it through a personal account in the registry itself, through the State Services. The new rules will come into force even before the appearance of the registry, which will be created only after the autumn draft. In particular, the new rules will make it possible to put on military registration without a mandatory appearance.

After receiving the summons, the exit of a citizen from Russia (if he was there before) will be limited.

Electronic subpoenas will be considered delivered from the moment they appear in the recruiter's personal account.

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Russians who live abroad will be able to send the necessary documents to the military registration and enlistment office electronically after receiving the summons at the State Services. This was announced by the chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartapolov.

“Either, being on vacation in Russia (I hope that normal people spend all their holidays in Russia, even if they live and work abroad for a long time), come to the military registration and enlistment office, present the necessary documents and calmly go to work further,” suggested the deputy.

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He recommended that the Russians who are subject to conscription “take a year-long vacation, serve in the armed forces, repay their debt to the Motherland and go back abroad happily to work there.”

According to Wikipedia, Gosuslugi (Single portal of state and municipal services) is a reference and information Internet portal.

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It provides individuals and legal entities with access to information about state and municipal services in the Russian Federation, state control and supervision functions, services of state and municipal institutions, services of organizations involved in the provision of state and municipal services, and also provides electronically some state and municipal services (registration of social payments, replacement of a passport, etc.).

All services posted on the portal are correlated with a specific region of Russia: the place of receipt of the service determines both the availability of the service itself and the conditions for its provision.

As of August 31.08.2022, 98, the number of Russians registered on the Gosuslugi portal exceeded XNUMX million people.

It should be noted that already registered users can delete their account and, according to Russian officials, all data will simply disappear.

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