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Russia ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of cases of COVID-19: a 'mask regime' is introduced in Moscow

While most countries in the world are preparing to quarantine and report an ever smaller number of cases of coronavirus, Russia came in fifth in the number of cases and the dynamics of the situation are not encouraging, writes with the BBC.

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According to the Russian government, on May 6, a record number of coronavirus cases were detected in the country - more than 11 thousand. Over the entire period of the pandemic in Russia, 1 people died, 625 23 recovered. For five days in a row, more than 803 thousand cases per day are detected in the country. Now 10 people with confirmed COVID-177 are registered here, in Moscow - 160.

Thus, Russia took fifth place in the number of cases, overtaking Germany and France. According to Johns Hopkins University, 168,1 thousand cases and 173,2 thousand, respectively, are registered there.

The first place in the sad rating is occupied by the United States, followed by Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. However, in terms of the daily increase in COVID-19 cases, Russia shares the second place in the world with Brazil - there are also 11,1 thousand, Interfax notes (in the USA - 24,2 thousand).

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On Wednesday, May 6, the operational headquarters reported 10 new cases of coronavirus in Russia, 559 cases of infection were recorded on Tuesday, 10 on Monday, and 102 on Sunday. 10 thousand.

In total, more than 80 thousand patients with suspected coronavirus and with coronavirus infection are currently in Russian hospitals, 4 thousand of them are in serious condition.

On May 6, Vladimir Putin held an online meeting with the government. At it, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova presented recommendations for regional leaders on the possible removal of restrictions imposed due to coronavirus. They consist of three stages and provide for the gradual opening of objects of trade and services, as well as walks in parks, sports in the fresh air.

At the meeting, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin spoke out against the lifting of prohibitive measures in the service sector. “The self-isolation regime continues to operate,” he said. Now, according to his estimate, from 2 to 2,5% of the population is infected in Moscow, "this is about 300 thousand people."

Nevertheless, in Moscow, from May 12, the whole industry should begin to work, construction will resume. Sobyanin said that among other things, it will help reduce crime, as labor migrants will return to work.

“In Moscow, the dynamics of hospitalization is at a stable level. Today, more patients have been discharged than hospitalized. This is a good story, - the mayor told reporters on Thursday, May 7. “Nevertheless, we understand that the pandemic does not stop, it is developing, unfortunately.”

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Later he announced that on May 12, a "mask regime" was being introduced in Moscow. Violators will be fined. For example, for being on public transport without a mask, the offender will pay 4 rubles ($ 53). This rule also applies to residents of the Moscow Region.

“By enabling more people to work, we understand that there will be an increase in the number of transport movements, the number of people who communicate with each other. It is necessary to partially compensate for this in some way, ”Sobyanin explained his decision.

“Therefore, we are introducing an additional self-isolation regime on the metro, stricter requirements: wearing masks, gloves in public transport, other requirements for controlling movement around the city, electronic passes - all this remains in force,” he said.

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