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Both feet were amputated to the Russian Olympic champion in figure skating: it all started with pneumonia

Doctors had to amputate both feet of Russian figure skater Roman Kostomarov to save his life. It is possible that the Russian will also lose both hands, reports "Newspaper".

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Roman Kostomarov, 2006 Olympic figure skating champion, is going through a dramatic period.

The first reports of the deterioration of the health of Roman Kostomarov appeared in early January, reports WorldToday. On January 10, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. The fact that he was transferred to intensive care was reported by Ilya Averbukh, a 2002 Olympic medalist from Salt Lake City, a close friend of Kostomarov.

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Initially, it was reported that Kostomarov's condition was so severe that it was decided to put him into a pharmacological coma. He was later connected to a ventilator. This was until January 24, when doctors diagnosed sepsis and circulatory problems.

The cells in Kostomarov's body died, tissue necrosis occurred. The fight for his life began. At some point, doctors began to consider the possibility of amputating the toes, but the necrosis spread higher, and apparently the doctors had no choice but to amputate both feet. Information about surgery varies. So, the Telegram channel "112" claims that the athlete lost his foot on his left leg, and on his right leg, a whole ankle was amputated.

The operation gave a clear improvement in the health of the former Olympic champion, but the threat to life still remains. To save the athlete's life, doctors may also have to amputate both of the former skater's hands. Everything will depend on how Kostomarov's state of health will change in the coming days.

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“Unfortunately, both feet had to be amputated. The operation went smoothly, the body is recovering. Now doctors are fighting to save his hands. Romance in mind. His general condition is improving, but he remains in intensive care under the constant supervision of doctors, ”the sources say.

Relatives of Roman Kostomarov do not publish official information about his health. Tatyana Navka, his longtime dance partner, is also silent.

In addition to the gold medal at the Olympics, Roman Kostomarov has won two world titles and three European titles, all won in pair dance with Tatyana Navka.

It is extremely difficult to get reliable information from relatives of a skater. The athlete's mother, Valentina Kostomarova, said that she was not allowed to see her son, and only the doctors who carried out the treatment had really up-to-date information about his condition.

Sources claim that German doctors provide consultations on Kostomarov's treatment. According to the source, foreign doctors remotely receive the results of examinations and give recommendations.

It is possible that Roman will continue his treatment in Germany in the future.

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Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating, judge of the Ice Age project Tatyana Tarasova spoke about the state of Roman. The day before, when it came to the possible amputation of limbs, she noticed that it was scary for any person, and not just for an athlete who makes a living by skating.

“Help will be provided, this is not a question, the question is in the state of health. The main thing is to survive in this difficult fight against the disease," Tarasova said.

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