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Roller Disco & Burlesque Show: How to Spend a Weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area (November 25-27)

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What: San Francisco Detective Tour

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: San Francisco 1 Telegraph Hill Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94133

More: Discover San Francisco in a whole new way. You will be tasked with solving the murder of silent film director Rex King, who visited this city while filming on location in 1926. Gather clues outdoors and on the go by visiting historical sites throughout the city.

During this game, you will go to several historical places, collecting clues along the way. This fantastic game for the whole family will be great fun while visiting the sights on vacation or just getting to know the city better.

Cost: $ 15


What: Exhibition “Bacteriopolis”

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Exploratorium, Pier 15, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111

More: Thousands of different species live in this colorful bacterial terrarium - green cyanobacteria, orange iron oxidizers and gray cellulose eaters. What you see today will disappear tomorrow in this living work of art in a state of constant change.​

To create this colorful culture, scientists mixed a bucket of mud from a pond in Golden Gate Park along with eggs and toilet paper. A low-maintenance exhibit can live and thrive indefinitely under sunlight and the occasional addition of water.

Cost: $ 0-30


What: Burlesque show in San Francisco

When: Friday-Sunday, November 25-27

Where: Red Velvet Burlesque Show San Francisco 358 Ocean Ave San Francisco, CA 94112

More: Red Velvet Entertainment is the number one burlesque show in San Francisco. This is one of the most intricate and exotic burlesque and cabaret performances in the country. Red Velvet Entertainment combines the very best of burlesque and cabaret to provide the ultimate experience.

Cost: From $ 35


What: Taco Day “Pay What You Can”

Photo: IStock

When: Friday, November 25, from 11:00

Where: Tato, 4608 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124

More: Every Friday from 11:00 to 17:00, customers can order dishes from the Taco Love menu and pay from $0 to $10. The special offer is open to everyone, but especially to those who have been particularly hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. The menu may change weekly, but often includes beef quesabirria, mushroom quesabirria, and chicken tacos.

Cost: $ 0-10


What: Volunteering in the garden

When: Saturday, November 26, from 10:00

Where: Garden for the Environment 1590 7th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122

More: Come as a volunteer to Garden for the Environment - help keep the garden healthy and prosperous, plus you will learn how to garden.

Garden for the Environment needs your help to keep the garden healthy and thriving. As city restrictions are being lifted gradually, places for volunteers are limited.

Cost: Free options


What: Market at the Ferry Building

When: Sunday, November 27, from 10:00

Where: The Embarcadero and Ferry Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94105

More: It's a one-day maker's market dedicated to all things San Francisco artisans have made. More than 30 sellers of jewelry, home goods, chocolate, clothing, accessories, educational games and more are waiting for you. And all this in the Ferry Building, which is very rarely open to the public.

Cost: Free options


What: Roller disco in the park

Photo: IStock

When: Sunday, November 27, from 12:00

Where: Skatin' Place, 6th Ave. and Kennedy Drive, San Francisco, CA Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

More: There's a spot in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park that's a rollerblader's paradise that loves to boogie-woogie to a funky beat.

A local DJ brings in a mobile set and plays cool tunes that you can skate to. On Sundays there is usually someone willing to teach you a few choreographed dance moves.

Cost: Free options


In addition, look for interesting events for every day of the week in our calendar... Come in, find out, share with your friends. Before visiting, check the organizer's websites for details and locations of events, as they may change.

Keep us informed about what is happening in your city. Send information about events for the Russian-speaking diaspora by mail

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