Parents left the baby at the airport in Israel and tried to fly without him: they did not want to pay for the ticket

Two parents with Belgian passports were detained by police on January 31 after they left their child at the check-in counter at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport. Dailymail.

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The couple tried to board a Ryanair flight from Tel Aviv to Brussels, but they did not have a ticket for the child. They refused to pay for the ticket and apparently left the baby in the stroller on their way to passport control.

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“These passengers traveling from Tel Aviv to Brussels came to check-in without a reservation for their infant. They then proceeded to security, leaving the baby at the front desk. The check-in agent at Ben Gurion Airport contacted the airport security who picked up these passengers and it is now a matter for the local police,” a Ryanair spokeswoman said.

The airport staff noticed the incident and contacted the police, who found the parents and took them away for questioning.

According to Ryanair's website, "Infants may be included in a flight booking during the online booking process." When planning to travel with an infant, a pop-up message appears on the site stating that a fee of $27 - or the equivalent in local currency - is charged for each one-way flight that the child makes while sitting on an adult's lap. The seat must be paid separately if adults want the child to ride in a car seat. CNN.

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“A couple and an infant with Belgian passports arrived on a flight in Terminal 1 without a child ticket. The couple also missed their flight as the check-in for the flight was closed. The couple left the child seat with their child and ran to the security checkpoint at Terminal 1, trying to get to the boarding gate," the Israeli airport authority said.

The Ryanair counter manager said everyone was shocked. “We have never seen anything like it. We couldn't believe what we saw,” he said.

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An Israeli police spokesman said the issue appeared to have been resolved by the time the police arrived on the scene.

“The child was with the parents and there is no further investigation,” he said.

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