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Humanoid robots conquer the world: they get citizenship, care for the sick, perform concerts and go on dates

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, it can be found in everything from social media algorithms to e-commerce and navigation, but not everyone likes this idea. A family of 'robot sisters' could be the key to defeating a skeptical public. CNN.

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Sophia, Grace, and Desdemona are humanoid robots, each programmed with sophisticated artificial intelligence. The oldest of the three, Sophia, was first activated in 2016 and attracted everyone's attention, mostly due to her looks. While much of the AI ​​works behind the scenes, powering things like software and smartphones, Sophia looks like a young woman and has gained celebrity status as the face of AI.

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In 2017, Sophia was named the first United Nations Development Program Innovation Champion - the first non-human to receive a UN title. In the same year, she received the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

Sophia even went on a date with actor Will Smith. When the conversation turned to music, Sophia admitted that she was not a fan of Smith's albums. After the actor tried to kiss Sophia, however, she invited Smith to "remain friends" and slyly winked at him.

She has since been joined by two sisters, all three robots designed by David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics. However, their AI “brains” were designed by Ben Herzel, the company’s former chief scientist and now CEO of blockchain-based AI company SingularityNET.

“AI largely exists behind the scenes in the form of algorithms that perform various types of pattern recognition and cognition that are difficult for humans to understand,” Goertzel says. “The purpose of these robots was to interact with the AI ​​and the human world.”

“The face is one of the main ways people express emotions and communicate with each other,” he adds. “If you have an AI that you can look into the eye and it smiles at you, that gives us a subjective sense of connection.”

This sense of connection can make these humanoid robots extremely useful in some contexts. Herzel and his team are testing Grace to support older people in the early stages of degenerative brain diseases like dementia.

Herzel says that through these projects they have seen "a profound and uplifting effect on some very lonely people."

Dementia can cause problems with short-term memory, and he thinks robots might be well suited to respond to patients' repetitive requests.

“If you're dealing with someone who's in the middle stages of dementia, they're just asking the same questions over and over again,” Goertzel says. - The same thing every day. The robot will never get tired of it.”

AI protection

Sophia's other sister, Desdemona, demonstrates a very different application of this kind of technology. She is a member of Herzel's experimental group Jam Galaxy. Herzel plays the keyboard while a robot improvises spoken poetry in response to the musical and cultural references Herzel introduces into her programs.

Herzel argues that robots can also be used for education and service industries.

Earlier this year, the Dubai Museum of the Future unveiled Ameca, the AI-powered guide robot, at its Tomorrow Today exhibition.

The robot, created by British robotics company Engineered Arts, can answer simple questions from visitors about the museum. His facial expressions and physical reactions are almost frighteningly realistic.

“This technology has evolved in ways that no one could have imagined,” says Majed Al Mansouri, deputy executive director of the museum. “Ameca’s goal is to champion, to demonstrate the technology... We had people trying to ask really tough questions—visitors trying to show how much smarter humans are than AI.”

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Al Mansoori believes AI robots could find applications in the travel and air travel industries, “and especially as guides in places where you need to navigate, such as hospitals, universities, malls.”

Relief and anxiety

As AI gradually makes its way into our daily lives, research has shown that many people are worried about its impact on privacy, job loss and human connections.

The researchers argue that AI-driven algorithms that are used to make social media recommendations could create an "echo chamber" that amplifies people's opinions and polarizes society. As the technology is being used to create sophisticated deepfake videos, others have warned of the potential for malicious misinformation.

Allowing humans to interact with robots that look like them can help humanize AI and improve its image.

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“The humanoid robots that are being developed now, the voice, the expressions, the smiles and the gestures are all designed to make you feel more comfortable interacting with the technology,” says Al Mansoori. “As technology advances, the need for human connections grows. This is one of the reasons why people respond so well to humanoid robots.”

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