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To assess the situation in the US

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In the United States, any document is up for sale. IDS and driver's licenses. ForumDaily It would be possible for the counterfeit documents.

Driver's license for $ 1,000

Russian woman of Tatyana (Perm, Russia, in 2013). She currently rents a room in the Russian area of ​​Brooklyn. Back home Tatyana was a beautician. When she started experiencing it, she decided to leave for the United States. Tatyana obtained a US tourist visa and came to New York. When her visa expired, she continued to reside illegally. Her status, however, does not prevent her from earning a living.

“I wanted to buy a used car. I had to get driver's license first. I was embarrassed to say I am an illegal ForumDaily.

The driver found licenses and IDs. She dialled the number.

“A man speaking broken. If you want to find out where to go, “the woman says.

It turned out that the clandestine laboratory was in the borough of Queens. Tatyana refused to give the address of the office. It would be a fake driver's license cost.

“They showed me the license. It looked decently. If I received it several years ago. They are valid valid until 2019. $ 50. They agreed, ”Tatyana says.

In the laboratory, the woman was taken. The driver has to pay for the rest of the driver’s license.

“I've been driving for six months now. I am not aware of what lies ahead. The license number is in the database. I just hope it is. Here, it's different from Moscow, where the police patrols are everywhere. So if I don’t violate the rules, I can drive a car without problems, ”Tatyana said.

Supply and demand in brighton beach

There has been a place where you can buy anything. Including, rumors say, fake documents. ForumDaily decided to conduct a journalistic experiment.

We started the search from the Russian stores. I’m not happy. In one of them, the employees get embarrassed and say they don’t do that. In another one, at Brighton Beach Avenue, we finally found what we were looking for.

A female employee met us in the center and asked us how to help us. We wanted to buy an ID. She responded immediately: “Yes, we couldn’t want to do that.”

“We’re your ID cards,” the woman says. “However, we call them IDs. If you want to be there, you need to be there.

Can be made on the spot. The 'document' costs $ 33. This ID has no powers. They call it “an emergency photo card for residents.” Neither banks nor hospitals. However, the woman assured many newcomers buy such ID cards.

These ID cards are offered in Brighton Beach. Photo by Denis Cheredov.

These ID cards are offered in Brighton Beach. Photo by Denis Cheredov.

So we asked her: then what is this card for? The woman said “Some guys were buying beer [with it]. But our card. ”

However, it would be a good idea to make it a little bit more like IDs.

Internet, a paradise for illegal activities

Internet IDs that look just like the original ones. Number of fake documents. However, it is not a problem anymore.

ForumDaily contacted several companies who offer fake document services online. The fraudsters responded immediately. One can not read Google-translated. The person who e-mailed us described himself as Denis. 3,400 charge of taxes for a package of fake documents. As it turned out, hence the price in euros. Was also in Europe.

Below is the text of the e-mail translated back into English:

Good morning,

I have received your e-mail address. The documents I can help you with include:
— driver's license;
— ID card;
— social security number;
- foreign passport;
— birth certificate.

Pay attention to your needs. Please let me know what you need. If you want all of them, we can. 3,400 X. For each of them. If you are ready, we will provide as much as possible.

We can start working asap

Best Regards,

We asked Denis for a New York State driver's license. The document’s authenticity. It would be allegedly entered into the police database. We’re calling you our address.

Another company For all of New York. For instance, you can buy Alaska or Florida IDs from them. The prices range between $ 30 and $ 1,000. For some $ 60 you can get a fake international ID from this firm. The business is registered in the Philippines.


Some fraudsters feel so unpunished they upload promo videos online. Fake driver's licenses and residence permits.

Severe punishment

The US laws stipulate that attorney Tanya Gendelman.

“Everyone who is involved in making these documents is the same as the drug dealers. So the punishment will be severe, ”she says.

20 for years in prison, sometimes up to 100 years. It would be the case that he could be convicted under the state indictment.

A person might be imprisoned for a fake document as well.

Attorney Tanya Gendelman. Photo courtesy of Tanya Gendelman

Attorney Tanya Gendelman. Photo courtesy of Tanya Gendelman

“For the driver’s license,” he says.

If it is an illegal immigrant, it can be used for years.

“If a person stays legally in the United States but is charged with using a fake green card, he or she faces a prison and a deportation. It depends on the charges. The terms might differ: from several months to two years,” Tanya Gendelman says.

If you’re a person, you’ve been catching up with fake documents, The fees range from $ 10 to $ 30,000, attorney Yevgeny Meltser says. Meltser lives and works in Illinois. There are a number of years of imprisonment and a provision for the use of a fake green card.

Meltser's services are usually sought for asylum. Some of them come with fake documents. Attorney is a green card straight away. He then talks to the police.

Seeking benefits with fake documents

Experts from state agencies are also trained to tell the fake documents. Nevertheless, people often use fake documents for social benefits.

Boris Feldman, employee of the NYC Social Services Department, came here from Moscow back in 1990s. He caught the violators for fringe green cards. Most of them are Latinos, he says. Former Soviet countries residents are among them.

Last year, a Ukrainian named Dmytro came to see Feldman in his office. He presented an ID - his green card.

“The photograph was on the top of the document. ”“ Boris says.

Feldman is a fake. Dmytro confessed he had bought the document online for $ 500. This is a document that has been passed.

“I have no idea where that Dmytro is now. He looked tired, for sure. I think he didn't have money to hire an attorney. Probably, he has been deported to his home country, ”Feldman says.

In late 1990s, the employees of the Feldman Agency had But later, the procedure changed.

“Sometimes it’s possible to bring a copy of their green card,” But I have no reason to call the special department. “Feldman says.

Looking at it. The department employees are taught during special trainings. In most cases, fraudsters make a fake document from a stolen or found one. But the green card has a code indicative of its origin. You can read the document. For instance, got married or won the lottery.

Feldman recalls a criminal anecdote from his own practice for that. Once a colombian woman came to him with an unbelievable legend.

“She brought her green card with her. I checked the code on the family reunification basis. But the card itself looked suspicious. I’ve got a chance to make it, ”said Feldman.

As it turned out, the card was not registered. Ruled by the United States.

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