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The results are shocking: the number of homeless people in San Francisco increased by 30 percent

Over the past few months in the cities and counties of California have calculated the number of homeless. The results are shocking.

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San Francisco is no exception. In May, the number of homeless people jumped by 17%. Last week, data showed that the problem got even bigger.

In San Francisco, it is estimated that homelessness increased by about 30% from the year 2017 when the last analysis was conducted.

It should be borne in mind that the new data imply a broader definition of who is considered homeless, and goes beyond the prescription of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. These include homeless people in prisons, hospitals and medical institutions, and this is the person's 1773. Add the previously published number to 8 011 people, and it turns out that about 9 784 homeless people live in the city.

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City spokesman Jeff Critan said that San Francisco had been collecting this additional data for years. This information helps to understand how the city responds to homelessness.

San Francisco also believes that people who live in homes with their parents or with friends, as well as in one-bedroom apartments, are considered homeless, but the city was not able to get reliable information about these people.

The federal government only requests information about people from shelters, and those who live on the street, in a car or at a train station.

In 2017, the total number of homeless people was 7 499 people. The population of homeless city veterans has decreased by 11%, while the number of permanent homeless has increased by 35% compared to 2017 a year. The increase in the number of people living in vans and campgrounds has become a big reason that the number of people living in shelters has also increased.

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New numbers reflect the terrible situation that is observed in California communities, even despite the fact that the state spends millions of dollars trying to slow down the growth of homelessness.

In Los Angeles, tally, there are 59 homeless people in the county and 000 in the city. This figure marked an increase of 36% and 000%, respectively. Unlike San Francisco, Los Angeles did not count people in hospitals, prisons, or hospitals - places where the homeless is very common.

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The number of homeless people living in Santa Clara County has increased by 31% over the past two years, from 7 394 to 9 706, according to preliminary results published by the district. In San José, the number of homeless people has increased by 1 822 people, and a total of 6 172 people.

In Alameda County in East Bay, the numbers were no better: since 2017, the homeless has increased by 43%, and is 8 022.

Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties have recorded an increase in the percentage of homeless people in double digits per year 2019.

These point-in-time calculations are required by the federal government to assess how funding is allocated to combat homelessness.

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