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Green Card Draw Results: Tips and Rules

Grin_2Starting today and up to 20 September 2018, you can check the status of applications for drawing green cards in the lottery for 2018 year (DV-2018), сообщает State Department.

In Chicago, information on the status of applications for drawing green cards can be checked from 11 in the morning local time, in New York from noon, in Russia from 20.00, in Ukraine and Belarus - from 19.00, in Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan with 21.00, in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan - with 22.00, in Vladivostok - with 3.00 (May 3).

You can check your status on the websiteTo do this, you must have a confirming number of the lottery participant, as well as the name, surname and year of birth of the applicant.

Also, before 30 September 2017, you can check the results of the lottery green cards for the year 2017 (DV-2017). After this date, persons who won the lottery will no longer be able to submit a corresponding application for a US green card.

If you found a letter with a barcode and your data on the page that opened, you won.

The State Department will not send any electronic or regular letters.

The only email you can receive from the US Department of State is a reminder to check your status after the lottery. Moreover, the official institution never asks to make money transfers. Be especially attentive if you submitted an application through an intermediary.

It should also be understood that receiving a notification of winning a green card does not guarantee applicants receiving it. To emigrate to the United States, you must meet all the requirements that apply to immigration visa applicants.

To get the coveted immigrant visa in your passport, you need to go through several more stages, during which you may face unpleasant surprises. How to avoid mistakes that can cost you green cards? For step-by-step instructions on obtaining a residence permit in the United States, read the article “What to do after winning the Green Card Lottery".

The winners who find their names on the lucky list this year will not receive green cards. New cards with improved graphics and additional security features will be made in a different color scheme. They began to issue them on May 1, 2017. The redesign will be part of a program to strengthen enforcement of immigration laws and fight fraud. How the green cards of the new sample will look, see here.

For those who have not yet won a green card, but are only planning to apply, be sure to read the tips in the article “Lottery "Green Card-2018" in questions and answers“. You will find answers to the questions where you can register to participate in the lottery, which countries participate in the lottery, can you apply for the lottery while in the USA, which family members need to be included in the application for a green card, can a husband and wife at the same time submit applications and other questions.

In addition, the Bureau of the State Department for Consular Affairs has prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about the lottery.




It is important to remember: winning a green card is only half the battle, the main thing is how you can realize yourself in America. For example, read the story Hollywood producer Valerie Philwhich won the green card in the lottery and did not want to move for a long time.

However, remember that besides the lottery Green Cardthere is at least nine other ways stay in the USA for permanent residence.

In each case, you need to go through to get a green card. medical check and interview. In addition, everyone who came to the United States should make a few basic documents: arrange bank cards, social security number and US ID.

Illustration by Alexander Shatov

Illustration by Alexander Shatov

How successful immigration will be is also a lottery. ForumDaily has collected 5 completely different stories of people who were lucky to win and get the right to live and work in America. Read here.

Some admit that they could not pull the move morally and financially, and returned to their homeland. Starting life from scratch in a foreign country is not always as easy as it seems. ForumDaily readers, who were lucky enough to win the lottery, but were not lucky to make the American dream come true, told why they did not work out with the United States. Read more in the article “Give up the American dream: the story of the returned home."

The green card is a certificate of a permanent resident of the United States who does not have the citizenship of this state. It, among other things, gives the right to work, benefits to education and the opportunity to apply for citizenship.

Registration for the DV-2018 raffle took place from October 4 to November 7 2016; to participate in the DV-2017 raffle - from October 1 to November 3 2015.

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