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'The director, like a child, does not say no to the world: Roman Viktyuk died

Theater director, People's Artist of Russia and Ukraine Roman Viktyuk died at the age of 85. It is reported by "Jellyfish" with reference to the press service of the theater, which Viktyuk founded and headed for many years.

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At the end of October, it was reported that Viktyuk was hospitalized with a coronavirus infection in one of the Moscow hospitals. The theater reported that the cause of the director's death was thromboembolism - a blockage of a vessel by a blood clot.

Biography of Roman Viktyuk

Roman Viktyuk was born on October 28, 1936 in Lviv. Studied at the State Institute of Theater Arts in Moscow. After receiving his education, he returned to Lviv, where he worked as an actor at the local Theater of the Young Spectator, and later as a director. He created a theater studio at the Lviv Palace of Pioneers, says 24tv.

Viktyuk's first directorial work was a performance based on G. Shmelev's play “It's Not So Simple”, which took place on the stage of the Lviv Theater of Young Spectators in 1965. The same theater hosted a performance based on the play of L. E. Ustinov “A City Without Love” and “Don Juan” (Moliere). From 1968 to 1969, Roman Viktyuk was the chief director of the Kalinin Theater for Young Spectators. From 1970 to 1974 he was the chief director of the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania. From 1977 to 1979 - chief director of the Student Theater of Moscow State University.

In 1988, on the stage of the Satyricon Theater, Roman Viktyuk staged his most famous performance, The Maids, based on the play by J. Genet. Viktyuk managed to create a unique performance, which was shown in many countries of the world, collected rave reviews from the press, and made the director himself one of the most famous and outstanding theatrical figures.

Roman Viktyuk Theater

In 1991 the Roman Viktyuk Theater appeared. He celebrated the opening by staging a new bright performance “M. Butterfly ”, a reworking of the classic story of Madame Butterfly.

The staging of this play caused fierce controversy among theater experts and a wide range of theater audiences. There was a lot of shocking, eccentric costumes and bright strokes on the stage. Roman Viktyuk brought together like-minded and close-minded actors from several theaters into the troupe of his theater.

On account of Roman Viktyuk more than two hundred performances and productions. The director was known for his work in the USA, Italy, Finland, Sweden, where he repeatedly went on tour. Often Viktyuk made performances under his favorite star actors.

Roman Viktyuk believed that the main thing in the director's craft is the ability to see with the heart and love and be open to the world.

"The director, like a child who is born into the world, never says" no "to the world, only says" yes ", - he quotes RBC.

Director Awards and Awards

In 1991, Roman Viktyuk received the Maratea Prize of the Center for European Drama.

The Americans included Roman Viktyuk in the list of 50 people in the world who influenced the second half of the 20th century. He is the only foreigner to be awarded the Institute of Italian Drama Prize for the best embodiment of contemporary drama.

He was awarded the Kiev Pectoral Prize and the Triumph Prize of the Ukrainian STD.


Roman Viktyuk's disease

With age, the director's health deteriorated significantly. In 2004, Viktyuk lost a lot of weight. He was increasingly hospitalized, and rumors circulated on the Internet that the director was suffering from a serious illness. Relatives and Viktyuk's family did not confirm the version of the journalists, but did not refute the rumors either.

In 2015, Roman Viktyuk suffered a microstroke. The director's entourage claims that the reason for the seizure was not so much the actor's age as his worries about the theater - not long before that, Irina Apeksimova left the post of theater director. However, the director's zest for life helped him overcome his illness, return to work and start new productions.

On November 17, 2020, Roman Viktyuk passed away. The theater said that the director could be buried in Lviv.

“The issue of transporting Roman Grigorievich to his homeland, to Lvov, is being resolved. It is not yet known whether it will be possible to settle the issue of crossing the border. It was always his desire during his lifetime - to be buried next to mom and dad, ”the theater press attaché told RIA Novosti.

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"I loved my Ukraine very much"

“He was very sick. The era is leaving again. There is no other unique director. This is a tragedy. He left a huge mark on the theater business, in the theatrical art. There are many interesting performances that he staged in his own interesting manner, in his own form. He is definitely a bright personality. I personally knew him, we were on very good terms for many years. Always bright, always interesting, always original, ”the director of the Lenkom theater Mark Varshaver told Interfax.

“Ukraine was his heart, but for some reason he remained in Russia and continued the work of our great masters Stanislavsky, Shchepkin, Moscow Art Theater. His teachers were at the Moscow Art Theater, he graduated from GITIS. Moreover, he extended Efros's method, went to non-everyday theater, poetry, no one had done this before him. Only he is the only one, ”said the People's Artist of the RSFSR Valentina Talyzina.

“The great Russian genius of the theater, although he loved his Ukraine very much,” she assessed the scale of Viktyuk's personality.

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What the director said about Ukraine

Roman Viktyuk has repeatedly spoken about the situation in Ukraine, including on the Maidan and Donbass. OBOZREVATEL collected a few quotes.

The director in general about the situation in Ukraine:

“The nation must have patience and believe only that God is with it. Anxiety is a microbe and a devilish voice that tries to put a person to sleep. In order to wake up, you exist - the press. And talking about the difference between the West and the East is a devilish slander. "

Viktyuk about the events on the Maidan:

“The guys rushed to me and said:“ Don't hurt us! ” And I replied that I could not be angry. They looked at me with such eyes ... their views are always with me ... I saw that the father brought his son to the Maidan and sent him to save people. And the son died. And the father did not mourn his sacrifice, but stood and thanked for the fact that he had the fire of devotion to his homeland ”.

“We've been profiting for so many years. The most important thing is education. The communists said - there is no God, and everyone immediately refused, and this became the norm. Everything needs to start from childhood. Even when mom is pregnant, there should be music. Not the one that calls for beating and death, but the one that sounded under Shevchenko in Ukraine ”.

Roman Viktyuk also spoke about the situation in Donbass and has repeatedly addressed its residents:

“I want to tell the residents of Donbass only one thing: you live outside of God, you do not hear Him. Turn off all TV channels for a second, close your eyes and remain in silence. No evil, no violence, no murder. In this silence, having joined Heaven, maybe something will happen in your soul. It should happen if you are Ukrainian. If you are not citizens of Ukraine, even this silence will not help you, then leave Ukraine alone. ”

The director argued that no one knows how to win and stop the war in Donbas:

"This is known only to the Ukrainian people with their own heart-analytical mind."

He spoke more than once about his desire to perform in Ukraine:

“Recently I spoke on the radio“ Echo of Moscow ”, even there they asked me:“ When, finally, will you come to Kiev with your performance? ”. We have already postponed the tour several times, but not because of the revolution or the war, but because the stage in the October Palace is not ready (there is only a concert, not theatrical version of the stage with a special mechanism). I appeal to all of Ukraine: thank you for not returning tickets, because we will definitely come to the homeland. "

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