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California restaurants will feed older people free on self-isolation

Governor Gavin Newsom's Delivery From Restaurants: Homemade Food for Seniors program kicks off April 27. The plan was designed to help both food outlets during the crisis and a particularly vulnerable group of the population - the elderly, writes LA eater.

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced a new nationwide program that will pay for local restaurants to provide hot meals for seniors. Under the Deliver from Restaurants: Homemade Food for Seniors program, it hopes to save the lives of elderly Californians - especially vulnerable to the coronavirus - and reimburse local restaurants for delivering three meals a day.

Participating establishments will be reimbursed up to $ 16 for breakfast, $ 17 for lunch and $ 28 for dinner, which will provide much-needed income to crisis-affected restaurants whose kitchens and halls were closed for several weeks due to constant social restrictions. Funds will come mainly from the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and local governments will pay a smaller share.

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Newsom noted that the program is intended for seniors who are not eligible for other assistance programs. These are people at high risk - those who have contracted the virus or have been directly exposed to it, whose immune systems are at risk or whose finances do not exceed 600% of the federal poverty level. Newsom estimates that 1,2 million of California's 5,7 million seniors are socially isolated.

Participating restaurants will be selected by local authorities and their diet should be in accordance with dietary guidelines for older adults. Ideally, Newsom suggested, the ingredients should also come from local sources. There is no detailed information on how the program will be managed, but older people can call the state support team to order food at (800) 510-2020.

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