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The restaurant in the castle near New York, in which you will feel like in a fairy tale

The atmosphere in the restaurant is just as important as good food, especially if you are planning to have dinner or lunch with a special person. And the restaurant, located in a real castle, is certainly an excellent choice for those who are looking for a special romantic atmosphere during dinner.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

This institution is in New York, it is called Equus restaurantwrites edition Only in Your State.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

The restaurant is part of Castle Hotel & Spa and will undoubtedly become one of the most amazing places you have ever dined.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

Already with everywhere on the territory Castle Hotel & Spa you feel like you hit one of your favorite movies Disney.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

Located on top of a hill, the castle was built in stages between 1897 and 1910. Now this place looks quite suitable for the royal family.

If you fall in love with this tale, then you can also stay overnight by booking a room in Castle Hotel.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

Restaurant Equus equipped with large windows that allow you to admire the spectacular scenery of New York during dinner.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

Using local produce from farmers in the Hudson Valley, the restaurant offers a tasty and vibrant menu.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

And also incredibly delicious desserts.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

Restaurant Equus consists of several rooms: Garden Room, Oak Room and Tapestry Lounge, each of which has its own charm.

Photo: Castle Hotel & Spa / Facebook

On sunny days, guests can also dine on the terrace, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views.

The restaurant is open every day from 8:00 to 21:00, address: 400 Benedict Avenue, Tarrytown, NY 10591. For more information about the establishment - at link.

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