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A restaurant in California introduced a fine for vomiting: visitors are too carried away with unlimited cocktails

Unlimited Mimosa cocktails are fun. But drinking it until you feel sick could cost you $50. That's what some San Francisco Bay Area restaurants are now charging Sunday brunch customers who drink too many mimosas and end up vomiting, reports Yahoo.

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A sign posted at popular Oakland restaurant Kitchen Story warns diners who enjoy any of the restaurant's five mimosas to "drink responsibly and know your limits." Otherwise, the sign warns, a $50 cleaning fee will be automatically added to the bill of any patron who vomits in a public area of ​​the restaurant.

Mimosa is an alcoholic cocktail that is a mixture of champagne and fresh orange juice.

Kitchen Story isn't the only Bay Area restaurant struggling with vomiting during brunch. As SFGate reports, Home Plate in San Francisco has implemented a similar policy with signs warning of a $50 “cleaning fee” for incidents resulting from intoxication.

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Some Bay Area restaurants are reportedly taking other steps, such as placing limits on how long customers can enjoy unlimited Mimosas.

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Canadian restaurant Tamasha Indian Resto-Bar said a similar $50 fine notice on New Year's Eve was effective. In 2021, a Toronto restaurant owner reported that there had been no cases of vomiting since the policy was introduced in 2019.

If you're thinking about a big brunch and the bottomless drinks that come with it, it's also worth keeping in mind that failing to hold your own in Uber and Lyft can be costly. Additional fees may be up to $150, depending on the damage to the vehicle.

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