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Restaurant near the waterfall in New York: the perfect place for a spring dinner

The village of Lake Placid in the state of New York is known for many things, except for its incredible Olympic history. There is also a wide selection of restaurants that are definitely worth a visit.

Photo: Jessie S / Google

However, of all the restaurants there is one that is just unforgivably overlooked. It is remembered for a stunning view of the river, as well as an incredible menu. It is open all year round.

Restaurant Lisa G is located on Sentinel Road.

Lisa G's has a cozy and relaxed dining atmosphere for those exploring the village of Lake Placid.

Photo: Jonathan Bartholomew / Google

Lisa G is fascinated by the fact that this restaurant has all your favorite classic dishes. You can be sure that everyone here can find in the menu what he likes. And at the sight of local desserts resist altogether impossible.

Photo: Zachary Berger / Google

Something seductive is waiting for you on the patio to distract you a little from everyday worries and experiences - Bourbon.

Photo: Andrew Ingersoll / Google

And there is an unforgettable view. Restaurant Lisa G is located right along the Chubb River, overlooking the waterfall, captivating those who dine in the courtyard.

Photo: Stephanie Lovine / Google

The restaurant is open all year, but in the warmer months you can dine on the picturesque patio.

Photo: Lisa G's Restaurant / Facebook

So now you can schedule a visit to Lisa G on a spring, summer or autumn trip.

Lisa G, located at 6125 Sentinel Road, Lake Placid, NY 12946, is open from Wednesday to Monday from 11: 30 to 22: 00.

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