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Documents for USCIS and not only during quarantine: a lawyer will answer questions from ForumDaily readers

Moving to the United States for permanent residence may be the beginning of a new life, but it will still not be possible to break all ties with the country of origin. And now we are talking not only about family and friends, but also about bureaucratic strings that reach for a modern person, wherever he goes. This is especially true for immigrants who may need documents from their homeland to confirm their applications for visas and green cards in the United States. Indeed, even now, despite the quarantine, the Immigration Service (USCIS) continues to process applications, not only personal interviews are conducted. Therefore, you can use the forced sitting at home to good use by checking the home archive and making sure that you have all the documents that you may need and that they are in order.

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But what if the required document is not enough or it is expired? Quarantine severely restricts travel and even forwarding necessary things. However, many professionals got used to work in new conditions and know how to act.

In such situations, it can help out Karina Duval, a lawyer licensed in the United States as a foreign consultant, with more than 20 years experience. She is an experienced judicial attorney with extensive judicial practice in Russia and abroad, and can also help in the restoration and receipt of many documents both in the USA and in the countries of the former USSR.

Most of her clients live in the States: these are both US citizens and new Americans who have recently arrived in the country, holders of a green card, asylum seekers, brides, wives of American citizens, parents of minor children, in general, all those who anyway need help from abroad. Karina also provides assistance to citizens living in Russia who need to obtain various legal documents from the United States.

At the request of ForumDaily, Karina Duval will answer questions from our readers about:

  • restoration of registry office documents from Russia and the countries of the former USSR;
  • receiving apostilles in all US states;
  • receiving apostilles in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR;
  • preparation of powers of attorney for Russia and the countries of the former USSR;
  • extracts from housing and receiving a check-out sheet without personal participation of the client;
  • inheritance in Russia and the countries of the former USSR;
  • resolving issues related to real estate in Russia;
  • resolving issues of acquiring Russian citizenship and getting out of it;
  • registration of citizenship for children;
  • receiving extracts from various registries;
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit and a temporary residence permit in Russia;
  • litigation, annulment of judgments handed down without your participation;
  • litigation in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • expert opinions on Russian law in American courts;
  • receiving documents from any archives.

ForumDaily readers have the opportunity to ask questions about the restoration of documents in the United States or Russia, litigation and other issues using the form that can be found below in the news or in the comments on this material. You can also leave questions in the comments to a post on this topic on ForumDaily Facebook page. If you want your question to remain anonymous, you can send it in private messages on our Facebook page.

Send your questions by March 7th. All answers will be published on our website.

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Karina Duval - lawyer, notary, expert in international law

Russian registration: #78/857
NYS registration: 4775086
Notary public, registration: 02DU6376542

tel: + 7 (921) 946-0582 (in Russia) / + 1 (718) 704-8558 (in USA)
[email protected],

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