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Rapper Kanye West goes to the presidency of the United States: what he thinks about trump, racism and coronavirus

The tweet of rapper Kanye West that he was going to run for president of the United States, aroused the Internet, and political scientists rushed to speculate how serious he is. West, who became a billionaire thanks to running shoes, gave his first interview after this statement to the publication. Forbes.

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Kanye West is running for president in 2020 from the Birthday Party (pun: "Birthday Party" and "Birthday Party"). Kanye read the vice-president of an unknown person, and he is supported by Elon Musk.

“Like everything I've ever done in my life, I do it to win,” West says.

“With this interview, I essentially give up the red cap,” the rapper said, noting that he no longer supports Donald Trump.

He never voted in his life.

Decision is made

During the interview, the rapper is constantly phoned and reminded that he has only 30 days to make a final decision. An hour later, he says that the decision has been made: West is definitely going to run this year, and not in 2024, as he had originally planned. The slogan of his campaign: “YES!” His presidential candidate is Michelle Tidball, a little-known preacher from Wyoming. When asked why he called the Birthday Party campaign, West replies: "Because the moment we win, everyone will have a birthday."

“I'm talking to experts, I'm going to talk with Jared Kushner, the White House, and Biden,” West says.

He has no campaign program. Kanye's advisers are two people who support his intentions more than others: wife Kim Kardashian-West and billionaire Ilon Musk.

“We've been discussing this for years,” West says. The mask, he said, he offered to become the head of the US space program.

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To some, this will all sound like a parody or surreal episode of the Kardashian Family show, but not to West. He called from his ranch in Wyoming and said that on Monday for the first time in his life he registered for a vote. He denies the version that this is an advertising move for his new album, claiming that he gives his album for free.

Just a few weeks ago, West sent Trump 2020 messages with an emoji in the form of a raised fist. But now he insists that he has lost confidence in the president.

“I think it's all a terrible mess,” he says. “I don’t like the rumors that he was hiding in the bunker.”

West also mentions that he was ill with the coronavirus at the end of February, but insists that this has nothing to do with his idea of ​​running for this year.

He says of his decision to run: “It reminds me of how they handed me the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards on MTV. I remember how I lived in my mother’s house, that is, mother-in-law, because my house was still under construction. She calls me “son”, and I call her “mother”. I was in the shower and thinking, I compose rap in the shower. The line “you will be elected as president” came to my mind, and I began to laugh hysterically. I thought: this is just the best. I will go out to them and they will think that I am going to perform these songs for fun, to argue that all the prizes have been bought, and then I will say that I am the president. And I just laughed in my heart. I don’t know how long, but it was then that I thought about it. ”

“The Lord sent me a revelation and said that my time had come. You know that I was in the hospital, that people called me crazy. I'm not crazy. All these temptations, all these situations that we musicians face: you go on tour, you release all these albums, and then you see that you have no money left in your account. It can be maddening. And all this time I looked crazy because my time had not come yet. Now is the time. And we don't go crazy, we wear Yeezy, which is a whole other level. D-R-U-G-O-Y, ”says the rapper.

About Trump and Biden

West says he would run as a Republican "if Trump weren't in the party." But since the current US president is there, West decided to run as an independent candidate.

According to the rapper, one of the main reasons he wore a cap with Trump's slogan Make America Great Again is “to protest the division of votes in the black community. This is in addition to the fact that I love Trump hotels and saxophones in the lobby. ”

He no longer scolds Trump - he is much more willing to criticize Biden, which, of course, does not contradict the idea that the Birthday Party was created to support the re-election of Trump.

“I'm not saying that Trump is standing in my way. Perhaps he is part of my journey. What about Joe Biden? Come on, okay. You know what? Obama is an outstanding person. Trump is an outstanding person. They say that Kanye West is an outstanding person. America needs outstanding leaders. Bill Clinton? Outstanding. But Joe Biden is not. "

He is not worried that by depriving Democratic candidate Joe Biden of the votes of black voters, he will help Trump.

“I don’t deny it. Saying that black votes are always for Democrats is a form of racism and white supremacy, ”says West.

“Political parties often believe that all black people should be democrats. This man, Joe Biden, said: if you do not vote for me, then you are not black. And what, we pretend like we didn't hear that? Pretend we didn't hear him say this? He said that. Enough with us. We will act, all of us. Jay-Z spoke best of all. As for the other candidates, I suggest you leave with dignity: Trump, Biden, just leave. ”

“I once spoke with Jared Kushner, who said that we do not have black leaders, we only have dealers. Why? Because all the black leaders were killed, ”West says.

Neither the White House nor Kushner’s representatives responded to Forbes’s request for comment.

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“To say that all black people should be Democrats and to believe that by running I am contributing to a split among the voters is a form of racism, white supremacy, white control. All such ideas are promoted by Democrats on social networks. And the Democrats have told me more than once, the same Democrats have threatened me ... - says West. - The reason I just registered to vote today is because I was scared. I was told that if I vote for Trump, my music career will end. I was forced to be in only one party. As a celebrity, I was forced to be in only one party. As a black man, I was forced to join the Democratic Party. And this is the emotional violence that Democrats are inflicting on my people. Threatening people to such an extent that some white person might say to a black man, "If you don't vote for me, you are not black."

According to Kanye West, "The Lord appoints the president, and if I win in 2020 or 2024, it's the Lord's decision."

West also noted that he believes that the reason for childhood suicide, shooting in Chicago and drug addiction is the fact that schools need to "return fear and love to the Lord."

Here is what the rapper said about his political debut: “I have to say with all modesty that I have not figured out everything yet. While I'm talking to you about a political race - or a political walk. As I said, because I do not run (pun: run - "run" and "run"), I go. I do not run, we all go. We are no longer running, we are not running, we are not excited, but full of energy. They say to you: "Hear, on the other side of the street a new car is waiting for you." And you are so excited that you start to run across the street, and a car hits you while you run to your new car. This is how the black community is controlled: through emotions. They make us worry, we are so excited, but over the course of 400 years, no noticeable changes have occurred. ”

About the political course and model of Wakanda from "Black Panther"

“I don’t know if I can call my approach a political course. I had no political course when I came to Nike and created the Yeezy, or when I came to Louis Vuitton and designed signature sneakers with them. This was not a political course, but a design. Now we need to strive for innovation to free the mind, ”says West.

He imagines that the White House is designed as the secret country of Wakanda from the movie Black Panther.

“A lot of Africans don't like this [Black Panther] movie and the way it is presented in Wakanda. But for now, I'm going to use the example of Wakanda because it's the best way to explain how our creative team will feel in the White House. Here's a positive idea: you have Kanye West, one of the most influential people - I'm not saying "most influential" because you have incredible superpowers, and only together we can unleash them, says the rapper. “Back to Wakanda… like when the king of Wakanda goes to the chief scientist to design self-tie boots. Just to think about what innovations are possible, what innovations are possible in medicine - for example, in large pharmaceutical companies - we will work together on innovations. It's not like the murder of Nipsey Hussle (a documentary is being filmed about this now). So many soldiers are dying for our freedom, for our freedom of information, that we must find a cure for AIDS. It will be a combination of pharmaceutical companies and holistic practices. "

“When I become president - let me make some promises - the NBA will play games everywhere, from Nigeria to Nanchang, and the world will see the greatest athletes. The world will change. Money back. I love China. I love China. This disease is not China's fault. This is not the fault of the Chinese. I love China. He changed my life. He changed my view of the world, he allowed me to look much wider. "My mother, an English teacher, taught English in China when I was in fifth grade."

About coronavirus and vaccination

In February, he contracted a coronavirus. West is suspicious of the COVID-19 vaccine and considers the vaccine "the seal of the Antichrist."

“You get chills, you lie in bed with a fever, take a hot shower, watch a video where they tell you how to recover. I remember someone told me that Drake fell ill with a coronavirus, and I replied that Drake would not surpass me even here! ”- the rapper told with a laugh about his illness.

He is confident that the branches of the American Federation of Family Planning were opened throughout the country as "advocates of the superiority of the white race to serve the devil."

“How many of our children have been paralyzed after vaccinations? When I hear that we will get rid of the coronavirus with a vaccine, I am on my guard. This is the seal of the antichrist, says West. - They want to chip us, they want to do many other things so that we cannot enter the gates of paradise. And the saddest thing is that we will not get to heaven, all that some of us will not get there. Next question. "

West also mentioned that he opposes not only vaccination, but also abortion, the death penalty and the widespread use of chemicals.

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About the police, the month of black history and the campaign slogan

“One of the tasks on my list is to end police brutality. But cops are people too, says the rapper. - It is necessary to abolish senseless laws. For example, in the case of George Floyd - there was a guy who was in prison and served in the police for the first day. If you have your first day of school, and then an experienced police officer with 18 violations took up the case, you will not interfere with him and risk losing your job on the same day? Especially in a situation where 40 people are out of work? That man was in this position, and he probably did not realize that the policeman would go this far, he was probably as scared, shocked, paralyzed, like many blacks. I am one of the few dark-skinned people who dare to speak so openly. "

"And something else. A month of black history. This is torture porn, because when it comes to that, what we see is our path, and we are going in a beautiful, inspiring, joyful, creative way as a people, like America, and we will show the whole world our greatness. Like this. Every year during the month of black history, they remind us that we could not vote (they are supporters of the ideas of white superiority), and I knew what I was talking about. "Our minds are much larger than what we see on TikTok or Instagram, trying to influence our children and future generations."

“Well, my second album is called Late Registration. I have a text ready. Also, my campaign is called Kanye West YES ("YES Kanye West"), not YEP, not YEAH. YES, YES, YES ... When I become president, let's also have some fun. Let’s get away from talking about racism, give out to people forty acres and a mule, let's share the land, that’s my plan. ”

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