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Record snowfalls and low temperatures: a 'historical' blizzard looming in the USA

Most recently, we met autumn, and winter is already approaching the northern regions of the Rocky Mountains, where a potentially “historical” blizzard is expected this weekend, writes Fox News.

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According to forecasts by the National Meteorological Service (NWS), by the end of Friday, 27 September, residents of the northern Rocky Mountains should expect a “significant and possibly historical” blizzard.

“There will be a lot of snow in the northern parts of the Rocky Mountains and in the northern plains. The blizzard is approaching, ”said meteorologist Janice Dean.

The NWS Forecasting Center reported that a cold front is approaching the region, rains and snowfalls are likely.

Precipitation is expected to begin by Friday evening or Saturday morning, as a low-pressure area forms south between Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls.

A blizzard will affect the northwest of Montana, where one to three feet of snow will fall (0,3-1 m). It is predicted that the heaviest snowfall and maximum extreme storm conditions will be on Saturday and Sunday, 28-29 September.

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“It will be a very strong snowstorm, it can lead to significant consequences. In some areas, conditions close to snowstorms are possible, the report says. “What will aggravate this blizzard is that the snow will be wet.” Therefore, leaves on trees can make branches heavier, and this will result in damage to power lines. ”

Authorities report that power outages can be extensive and last much longer than usual. Hunters and those planning to be outside at this time should also prepare for a blizzard.

While most precipitation is expected in the mountains, weather forecasters say that snow on the plains is also possible.

“For such an early season, everything is very serious, along with all the consequences awaiting us,” said the representative of the forecasting center. “It will be a historic snowstorm.”

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Strong winds and record low temperatures will also create “life-threatening conditions”.

In the city of Great Falls (Montana), there will be from 8 to 12 inches of snow (20-30 cm). This will be a new record for the amount of snow in this region in September.

The current maximum record for September Falls in Great Falls is 6,1 in. (15 cm).

Snowfall in early autumn may be a sign of what we should be prepared for in the coming months. Farmers' Almanac predicts that “due to cold winter conditions” new snowstorms will occur in areas east of the Rocky Mountains, right up to the Appalachian Mountains, with the coldest season falling in the last week of January and continuing through early February.

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