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Car Advertising: How to Make $ 500 a Month and Avoid Scammers

Advertising on your own car is a good way to passively earn money for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, notes The Penny Hoarder. But fraud is rampant in this industry, so it’s very important to make sure that a company offering you stickers or branding an entire car is legal.

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It's no secret that car advertising is a popular source of income for scammers. For example, you may receive an email or text message that says that you were chosen for an advertising campaign. “You will earn hundreds of dollars a week!” - promises a newsletter.

This step as such cannot be completely called fraudulent, but - you are guaranteed not to earn hundreds a week. Even the largest companies with the highest fees for advertising on cars do not pay so much.

And yet, by placing ads on your machine, it’s quite possible to earn up to $ 500 per month - if you participate in legal advertising campaigns. Here are some ways to avoid scammers and find a legitimate deal.

Common Fraud Methods

Both the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission are urging consumers to fear fraud with car stickers and car branding.

Some dubious companies have schemes in which drivers buy and install ads themselves, and then seem to evaporate, or their representatives pretend that they never had business with you. At the same time, scammers usually get free advertising and a few dollars from buying a sticker - without any payment to the driver.

One of the most important warning signals: the company requires you to pay an advance for a car film, sticker, or other type of advertisement.

“Every time you, as a driver, need to pay out of your pocket, it's a scam,” says Judah Longgreer, CEO of Nickelytics, an automotive advertising service.

Pay particular attention to how you get paid. Some automotive film companies use a referral method in which a stranger needs to see your ad, call a number or visit a website before the company pays you anything.

Another common and more malicious scheme that the FTC describes is “check forgery fraud,” when the company offers you an expensive ad installation. Then they send you a fake check in compensation, and they allegedly overpay you and ask you to return the difference to them. Then, a few days later, the initial check is returned, and you do not receive any money, and even lose your own funds, which are sent to them in the form of a “difference”.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a car advertisement or not, listen to the FTC warning: “Never send money to the person who sent you the check.” And even more so do not waste your money. Wait for the bank to respond to the check.

How To Find A Legal Way To Make Money From Car Advertising

Numerous companies say they will pay you for branding your car. Unable to check them all.

Like some general rules. Most likely you are dealing with fraud if:

  • the company contacts you unexpectedly;
  • the company asks for money in advance;
  • The company says it will pay you a lot of money without checking how much time you spend driving.

If it’s still not easy for you: google [company name] + reviews. Check company information, social media accounts.

The Penny Hoarder has studied the services of large car branding and advertising companies that offer advertising campaigns in several regions of the United States. These are legitimate businesses.

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1. Carvertise

Founded in 2012 year, Carvertise - An advertising company that collaborates with national brands in 7 cities and surrounding areas:

  1. Бостон
  2. Chicago
  3. Dallas
  4. Los Angeles
  5. New York
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Wilmington, Delaware

The company offers partial and full branding. Partial includes covering both sides of the car and possibly bumper stickers. Full branding involves gluing the entire body, including all windows except the windshield.

Depending on your driving habits and the size of the area covered, the company pays from 100 to 200 dollars per month by direct transfer. Typical ad campaigns last from 2 to 6 months, the website says.

To qualify, you must drive a 2008 or newer car, have a clear driving history and drive at least 30 miles a day. Fill out the driver’s application and be sure that the company will contact you when an advertising offer appears in your area.

  • Requirements: car of 2008 or newer; 30+ miles per day; pure driving history.
  • Location: Large cities in 7 states.
  • Earning potential: from 100 to 200 dollars a month.

2. Nickelytics

Company Nickelytics geared toward drivers who drive 30 miles or more each day. The company uses mileage logs in sharing applications to ensure compliance.

The company offers three different branding options: rear windshield, lightweight and full version. Lightweight branding involves pasting only the doors with advertising, while the full version covers the entire body as well as the rear window. Depending on the chosen option and your mileage, you can earn up to $ 500 per month.

Your car must be a 2010 model or newer. Most of your miles must be registered in one of the eight main markets of the company, which are mainly located in Florida:

  1. Tampa, FL
  2. St. Petersburg, Florida
  3. Fort Myers, Florida
  4. Cape Coral, Florida
  5. Napples, Florida
  6. Denver, CO
  7. New Orleans, LA
  8. Portland, Maine

Company CEO Judah Longgreer said she plans to expand Nickelytics to 20 cities by the end of 2020.

Uber and Lyft confirmed to the publication that car advertising does not violate company policy.

  • Requirements: Ride-share driver; 2010 car or newer; 30 odd miles a day.
  • Location: 8 cities in 3 states (more in 2020).
  • Earning potential: up to $ 500 per month (with full branding).

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3. Wrapify

According to the website, Wrapify works across the country and has used more than 250 cars to advertise.

“Big cities have a better chance of campaigning compared to smaller and less populous cities,” the site said.

To be eligible to participate in the campaign, you must:

  • Be 21 years old or older
  • use a car of 2010 or newer;
  • Drive at least 50 miles per day
  • to be tested.

If you meet these standards, download the driver app on your iOS or Android device. There you can choose one of four advertising options, including lightweight, partial or full branding and a static advertising block on the roof (for example, triangular advertising on the roof - like traditional taxis).

Each advertising option has a range of possible incomes. According to the site, the lowest monthly rate is $ 174; the highest income is $ 452.

  • Requirements: 21 years or older; car of 2010 or newer; 50+ miles per day; successful data validation.
  • Location: nationwide.
  • Earning potential: up to $ 452 per month (with full branding).
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