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New York recognized as the most unfriendly state of the USA: what tourists did not like

New York took the last place in a new study of the friendliest states of America, and this is hardly surprising to anyone, writes New York Post.

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The G-7 travel website conducted this study on social media sites that reach 1,5 million people; respondents ranked Minnesota first in terms of friendliness.

“I help strangers. I am not blocking the subway doors. This is what it means to be friendly in New York, ”said a New Yorker who took part in the survey, hinting that tourists often do the opposite.

Residents of the city note that the most important and valuable thing for them is time, therefore, a manifestation of friendliness is everything that does not take their time or saves it. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that New Yorkers prefer not to waste time on being too friendly and just remain honest.

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There is a local legend that is retold in New York over and over again, it captures the essence of New York's friendliness and its understanding by the people of the city. The story goes: A woman, getting out of a subway car in New York, forgot her glove on the seat. She realized this too late to have time to pick up the glove before the doors closed. Therefore, she makes an instant decision - she throws the second glove in her hand into the closing door of the carriage, so that whoever finds the gloves can use them with a full pair. That's what New York friendliness is all about: subtle kindness.

“A true New Yorker secretly believes that people living elsewhere are, in a sense, childish,” said American writer John Updike.

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In the top 5 of the most unfriendly states, along with New York were: 49 place - Arkansas, 48 - Delaware, 47 - Massachusetts and 46 - New Jersey. About this writes Big Seven Travel.

But the friendliest were: 5 place - Wyoming, 4 - Texas, 3 - South Carolina, 2 - Tennessee and 1 place - Minnesota.

Illinois ended up in 14 place, California - in 40, and Florida took 42 position.

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