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Rating of the best professions in 2020: the first 11 places are occupied by health workers

If you are a medical professional or are looking for work in this area, perhaps 2020 is ideal for this. Writes about it Fox Business.

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In the list of best jobs for 2020, 11 of the highest paid jobs are in the healthcare sector.

An anesthetist takes first place on the list with an average salary of $ 267. Surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists follow.

1. Anesthetist - $ 267

2. Surgeon - $ 255 110

3. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon - $ 242

4. Obstetrician and gynecologist - $ 238 320

5. Orthodontist - $ 225

6. Psychiatrist - $ 220

7. Therapist - $ 196

8. Orthopedist - $ 191

9. Pediatrician - $ 183 240

10. Dentist - $ 175

11. Anesthetist nurse - $ 175

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After the healthcare sector, professions such as petroleum engineer, IT manager and podiatrist follow.

12. Oil engineer - $ 156 370

13. IT manager - $ 152

14. Podiatrist - $ 148 220

15. Marketing Manager - $ 147

16. Financial manager - $ 146 830

Not everyone is looking for the same qualities in work or career. As a rule, people prefer higher salaries, a sufficient number of open vacancies and career opportunities. It was these characteristics that were used in the ranking of "Best US Jobs for 2020".

In the U.S. медицина work

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