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'Ghost flight': the man was the only passenger on the plane and showed how it was

A man flying from Sydney, Australia to Fiji was shocked to find himself the only passenger on the plane. What is it like to fly on a “ghost flight”, the publication said Dailymail.

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Passenger Robbie Allen shared details of his practically empty flight to Fiji in January 2022.

He said he was the only person on board the plane, which airlines refer to as a "ghost flight" when a normal route is flown with less than 10% occupancy.

“I was literally the only person on the entire plane,” he stated in the video, which has been viewed nearly 500 times by followers.

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“The captain came over, sat down next to me and spoke. The staff gave me everything I wanted,” he noted.

Allen joked that he was put on a "private jet" as a present for his upcoming birthday.

“I literally have the whole plane at my disposal. I am the only passenger,” he said. - It's a present for my birthday. I'm a VIP."

He then showed a plate of appetizers prepared for him by a flight attendant and a glass of sparkling wine.

@robbieallen It was creepy at first but then amazing, just wish I hadn’t already paid for business class ??‍♂️? (don't judge my horrible tik tok skills lol) #virginaustralia @VirginAustralia #fyp シ #fiji #fyp #zyxcba #sydney #fijitiktok #Australia #Maori #avgeek #aviation ♬ original sound — Robbie Allen

“I already had business class booked, but if I hadn’t, I would have gotten it for free,” Allen explained. “It was such a strange experience that I will never forget.”

He also showed his suitcase, which was alone in the baggage claim area.

“I was the only person on the plane, so he stands there on his own,” he remarked.

Allen wrote in the comments under the video that only 27 passengers were waiting for the return flight.

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Hundreds of Australians have reported that flying empty has become their dream.

“As an introvert, I also want this, very much,” wrote one of the commentators.

“I would go crazy at an empty gate thinking I had the wrong gate,” added another.

“For those who say they would cancel the flight, no, no. There will be a full flight from Fiji so the plane must be there,” a third noted.

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