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Registration in the USA: is it possible to live in America without documents?

Is it possible to live in the States without registering at the place of residence, is registration required if you change your place of residence, is it possible to live at all without documents in the United States - the answers will surprise many, Alexey Gavrilyuk writes in the material on the website

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In short, there is no compulsory registration at the place of residence in California.

In the United States, the state as a whole on the drum, where you live and what you do - the main thing is that you pay taxes on time and in which case you can send official papers by mail.

At least you are not forced to knock on yourself if you do not want to use the services of the state (driver’s license, school, pension, state health insurance) or your rights (elections).

The vast majority of people use it, so various state bodies know who lives where, but no one forces them to register. The American collective farm is a purely voluntary matter.

Residence Registration in the USA

Now it's all about registration, but with details.

In California and other states there is no registration in the sense that you must register at the place of residence in the state migration service.

В California there is no compulsory ID at all. Driving license or state ID is optional. There is no obligation to have an identity card at the federal level. There is no law prescribing an identity card. Do not want - do not live without him.

The only document that is issued without human consent - This is a birth certificate. By law, the birth of a new Californian must be registered within 10 days. If a person was born in a clinic, then they arrange everything themselves. If at home, the parents, but they may not notify the state of the birth of the child. There is no responsibility for this, but the child will have problems in the future with obtaining a social security number, rights, passport, opening bank accounts, etc.

In principle, in the US, you can live legally without any documents at all, if at the same time everywhere to pay in cash, do not drive a car, do not travel abroad, do not fly on airplanes and do not use other services that require identification.

I really don't know such people.

Although California does not have compulsory registration by place of residence, state and federal agencies usually know where you live.

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In which case you are required to confirm the residence documented

There is only one important case when it is necessary to document the place of residence - when registering children in good free public school. There are many people who want to get there, but they are accepted at the place of residence from another district. Schools often require copies of utility bills written in the name of their parents, rental agreements or certificates of title to an address in the school's reception area.

A good public school increases property values. in your area. Here everything is decided by money - private schools can cost $ 20-40 thousand per year. If you multiply by 12 school years, it turns out a decent amount that can be saved if you live near with the same level but free public school.

Some wealthy parents even rent an apartment near such schools for the minimum price just for the address and they don’t live in them - it still turns out to be cheaper than a private school. Some parents ask friends who live near the school to arrange utilities in their name or formally add to the rental agreement as additional tenants.

US driving license and registration

If you have a driver's license, then they have a postal address, which you indicated in the application form when you first obtained the rights (they are sent by mail, for this the address is needed). When moving to a new place of residence, you must notify the local traffic police (Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV) about the new address within 10 days. This can be done online, by mail, or in person at one of their offices. At the same time, new rights are not issued, the old address remains the right, just a new address is entered into the DMV database.

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True, if you are fined for another violation (parking, speeding, etc.), the fine will come to the old address - but this is not a problem, the police and valet parking give a copy of the fine in hand, so you will know how much and when to pay. The only problem may arise if a fine is sent to the old address in case of violation registered by an automatic camera. You do not get a fine, you do not pay it, as a result, you can be deprived of rights.

If there are no rights, but only an identity card, then no one needs to be notified of the move, although you can update the address - if desired - in the DMV, which issues it in the same way as rights. Identity Card and looks just like a law, only without specifying the class.

In other states, the rules may differ, but not by much.

Address when filing your tax return

The federal authorities will know your address when filing an annual tax return — you must indicate the address on the date it was filed. When moving within a year to notify about the change of address is not required.

For green card holders, things are a little different.

For immigrants, the rules are slightly different - if there is a green card, you must report the change of address to the immigration service. But in any case, this is all in the notification procedure, no one can refuse to accept the notification about the change of place of residence, and there is no need to prove anything - you just have to declare within 10 days.

In general, government agencies - both state and federal - are interested in your address only in order to be able to send official mail - fines, agendas, updated rights, passport, election ballots, etc.

When applying for a job, no one checks if the government has your current address. Employers may be interested in where you live, for practical reasons - if you take 3 every day for a potential job in one direction, then you will most likely not be taken - the chance of being late is too great and your productivity will be questionable for your chronic fatigue . But if you are ready to move closer - then another thing. What does the state think about this, to employers?

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