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A rare occurrence: in California, two powerful fire tornadoes were recorded at once

The largest wildfire in California spawned two huge fire tornadoes, one of which is the second category, writes CNN.

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California's Creek Fire is not only the state's largest single bush fire, causing massive damage. Just a day after the fire began this month, it spawned two rare fire tornadoes.

One of them was rated as an EF-2 tornado with winds up to 125 mph (200 km / h). Another raged with wind speeds of up to 100 mph (160 km / h) and was classified as EF-1.

Wikipedia characterizes the EF-2 category on the Fujita scale in this way: a tornado causes significant damage - tears off the roofs of well-built houses and displaces the foundations of frame houses, completely destroys mobile and wooden houses, breaks or uproots large trees, overturns freight cars, overturns cars. An EF1 tornado causes moderate damage: tearing off roofs, overturning or severely damaging mobile homes, breaking exterior doors and windows, moving cars, and uprooting some large trees and carrying them away.

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Tornadoes have wreaked havoc on rough terrain as a result of "unprecedented fire behavior," government officials said.

According to CNN meteorologist Hayley Brink, fire tornadoes occur when rising heat from a fire draws in smoke, fire, and dirt, thus creating a swirling vortex above the flames.

“Even one tornado on fire is rare,” CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward told CNN. "Fires can cause fire whirlwinds due to heat, but tornadoes with winds over 100 mph (160 km / h) are pretty unusual."

The tornado uprooted pine trees, broke several trees 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter and ripped the bark off the trunks, according to the storm research report.

Record bushfires that California are experiencing this year have triggered an intense heat wave with eddies, meteorologist Gerald Meadows of the National Weather Service office in Hanford, California, told CNN.

This isn't the first time in 2020: the Loyalton Fire in Northern California, near Nevada, spawned one tornado last month.

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As a result, the Creek Fire, which began on September 4, burned 291 acres (426 ha) in the Sierra National Forest, only 117% localized.

Both fire tornadoes occurred on September 5: the first near Huntington Lake and the second near Mammoth Pool Reservoir. There, during the rescue operation, hundreds of people were evacuated to safety.

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