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Child spotted baby looking like himself in Walmart ad: cute video of his confusion took TikTok by storm

At Walmart, a kid noticed an ad with a child who looked like him, and this caused him confusion. Mom captured the cute moment on video and shared it on TikTok. Writes about it Yahoo!.

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Jacquewilliams (@_jacquewilliams) is a parent and TikToker who shares adorable videos of her sons Carter and Cayden. Jacques was recently shopping with her boys at Walmart when Carter had a "glitch in the matrix": he noticed a photo of a boy who looked just like him. In a hilarious video, Jacques unsuccessfully tries to explain to Carter that the photo is not really him.

The video begins with Carter standing in a Walmart shopping cart. The kid has shoulder-length curly blond hair and is wearing a T-shirt and shorts. A child stares in confusion at a photograph of another toddler who has the same curly, shoulder-length blond hair. The two boys look remarkably similar.

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"I!" exclaims Carter, pointing to the photo.

"No," Jacques denies.

"That's him," Carter's brother, Cayden, can be heard speaking in the background.

"It's not him!" Jacques Cayden assures.

Carter stares at the photo, then looks at his mother in confusion. He points to his chest and says, "Carter."

Then he points to the photo again: “Carter,” he says again.

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“I know your name is Carter, but it's not you,” Mom explains.

Carter pauses and tries to process this information. Meanwhile, his brother intervenes in the conversation, who is completely confused about where his brother is, where he is and who their mother is.

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The audience really liked the confused kids.

“Cayden is having an existential crisis,” one of the subscribers joked.

"It's 100% him," wrote another.

"How are you going to tell Carter it's not him when he said it is him?" asked another TikToker.

In the next video, Jacques revealed that the mother of the boy in the photo contacted her on social media. Not only do the two boys look alike, it turns out they are both named Carter. So the kid was right: it was Carter in the photo!

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