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Rabbi in Israel believes COVID-19 vaccine makes people homosexual

An ultra-Orthodox rabbi advised his followers to avoid getting vaccinated against COVID-19 because it could "make them homosexual." Details told the publication Independent.

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Rabbi Daniel Hazor, who has amassed a large following online, said the vaccination attempts were part of "a global malevolent government trying to establish a new world order."

While his claim of a link between the vaccine and homosexuality is actually incorrect, it also contradicts the claims of leading Orthodox rabbis who have encouraged their followers to get vaccinated.

Hazor stated in his sermon: “Any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of this, causes opposite tendencies. Vaccines are taken from the embryonic substrate, and here they have done the same, so it could cause opposite tendencies, apparently related to homosexuality. "

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In response to his comments, LGBT rights group Havruta joked that "it is currently preparing to welcome its new members."

Israel aims to introduce vaccines to 5 million of its 9 million citizens and reopen the economy by mid-March. This country is undergoing one of the fastest vaccination processes in the world.

More than 2 million Israelis have already received the first dose, and about 225 have already received the second.

A senior health official said the country is in the "final stages" of a pandemic, and people aged 45 and over will be offered the vaccine starting Sunday, January 24, signaling the fast pace of the Israeli program, which has already achieved a lot.

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“Israel is showing the world by the scale of its vaccinations that there is a strategy to get out of the pandemic,” said Ronnie Hamzu, who has advised the government on the fight against COVID-19.

There is a decrease in the proportion of seriously ill patients over the age of 60 in the country due to the massive introduction of the vaccine.

However, criticism fell upon the government after it became known that millions of Palestinians living under Israeli control would have to wait much longer for vaccinations.

The Israeli vaccination campaign will include Jewish settlers living in the interior of the West Bank who are Israeli citizens, but not the 2,5 million Palestinians in that territory or those living in the Gaza Strip.

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