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The cost of medicine in the United States over 15 years has tripled

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For the first time, the health care costs of a typical American family of four have risen above 25 thousand dollars.

A threefold increase in expenses from the 2001 of the year is shown by the Milliman Medical Index, published on Tuesday. According to them, a family of four should put on health care, on average, $ 25 826. In 2001, health care providers would cost $ 8 414.

The growth rate of expenditures outpaces the growth of the consumer price index for medical services, and this is significantly higher than the average annual increase in household incomes between the 2004 and 2014 years.

“More than ever before, health insurance is a critical component, and yet it continues to become less and less affordable,” the authors of the report concluded.

All because of prescription drugs, the cost of which increased in 4 times compared with 2001 year.

Also the city in which a person lives affect on how much he pays for medical care. This is confirmed by a new analysis of more than 1 billion medical bills.

Therefore, more Americans resorted to telemedicine services.

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In the U.S. медицина Здравоохранение medical insurance
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