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Southwest Sale: Get Airfare with Up to 30% Off

In honor of leap year, Southwest Airlines is selling tickets with discounts of up to 30% off base fares for flights, reports Forbes.


Sale valid until February 29, 2024. Travelers can get a maximum 30% discount on base fares on select flights from 19 March to 22 May 2024 using promo code SPLASH when booking flights.

You can book a flight using the promotion here.

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Travelers receive a 30% discount on base fares for travel on Tuesday or Wednesday. If they wish to fly on Monday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, then for them this discount will be 25%. Those who need a ticket for Sunday will receive a 20% discount.

To take advantage of the offer, enter the code SPLASH in the promotional code field when booking flights to or You'll know right away if your flight qualifies for the sale.

This promotion doesn't offer a discount on government taxes and fees, but it's still worth considering. Southwest's government taxes and fees start at $5,60 per one-way flight, which is still cheaper than other carriers.

There are several blackout dates for this promotion. Promotional prices do not apply to March 23 and 24, March 30 and 31, and April 6 and 7. Unfortunately, this promotion excludes flights within California and travel within Orange County (SNA).

It is important to hurry up and purchase tickets - the number of seats is limited.

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