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Ramzan Kadyrov enjoys the most spacious business jet in the world



In March, singer and friend of Ramzan Kadyrov, Timur Yunusov, who performs under the pseudonym Timati, posted on Instagram photos from the cabin, allegedly, the head of the Chechen Republic. However, the photo was soon deleted, then suddenly appeared again.

The interior, which was captured in the photo, is identical to the business jet cabin Airbus ACJ319 - one of the most luxurious private jets in the world. He has the most spacious cabin in the world among business jets. Company member Airbusby looking at the request of “Rain” a few more photos from Kadyrov’s account Instagram, which captured the interior of a supposedly business jet, also said about the similarity with the salon Airbus ACJ319.

Price Airbus ACJ319, according to specialized sites, can reach $ 80 million. For example, there is an 2 in the fleet of a special flying squad “Russia” that serves the Russian leadership. Airbus A319 with the side numbers RA-73025 and RA-73026, one of them cost the budget 2,3 billion rubles, the second - 100 million rubles. more expensive (according to the register of federal property).



Kadyrov never admitted that he was using a private plane, but if you follow his publications in social networks, it turns out that the head of Chechnya didn’t hide it. Photo and video business jet often appear in his Instagram. The head of Chechnya did not advertise the board number.

At one of the aviation forums Kadyrov attributed board with the number VQ-BVQ. According to the tracking sites, this number really belongs to a business jet. Airbus A319-133. According to the spotting photos, this aircraft has exactly the same livery as the jet, on which Kadyrov and his subordinates are traveling (several times in the photo on Kadyrov’s social networks, the board was taken outside).

According to the site on 20 in March, for the last year of almost 140 flights made by this plane, 116 began or ended in Grozny. If you track the movement of the jet, then we can conclude that it is affiliated with Kadyrov or with someone from his entourage.



So, 2 May 2016, the plane went to Jordan and returned from there only May 8. At the same time, Kadyrov’s close friend Adam Delimkhanov was in Jordan. “Today in Jordan, by the will of Almighty Allah, I committed a ziyarat, where Zeid ibn Haris was buried,” wrote he in his Instagram 7 May.

24 August 2016, this aircraft flies to Cairo and immediately returns to Grozny - on the same day, Kadyrov meets a delegation from Egypt, which arrived in Chechnya to participate in the World Islamic Conference.

September 30 plane flies from Grozny to Sochi, where at that time the International Investment Forum takes place. His attends Ramzan Kadyrov.

22 November the plane flew from Grozny to the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. On the same day, according to Kadyrov’s instagram, “by the will of Almighty Allah, arrived in the United Arab Emirates”. Apparently, the video that Kadyrov posted was Airbus A319.



26 November the plane flies to Medina - a city in Saudi Arabia. November 27 Kadyrov пишет before Instagram: “Praise be to Allah Almighty, by whose will today I managed to once again visit Radiant Medina” and publishes a video on which it comes out of the same plane.

Only on November 30 the plane returns to Grozny, and December 1 flies again to Moscow. On the same day, Kadyrov and Delimkhanov listened to in Moscow, Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly.

Sometimes the plane made unexpected flights. For example, 12 March is an aircraft with a tail number VQ-BVQ went to Khabarovsk, from there to Hanoi, then to Mumbai, and from there to Delhi. This route completely repeats the path of the working visit of the presidential envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev to Asia in the same period. 18 March Trutnev officially completed his working visit, and on the same day the plane returned to Moscow. A spokesman for Trutnev said the plenipotentiary did not use Kadyrov's plane. “There were a lot of businessmen in that delegation. But neither Timati nor Kadyrov was there, ”he added.

Airbus ACJ319 special flight squad "Russia". Photo: depositphotos

Airbus ACJ319 special flight squad "Russia". Photo: depositphotos

Previously, the plane was already driven by an inactive Qatari operator. Rizon jet. He flew the aircraft on behalf of an unnamed client residing in the territory of one of the countries of the Persian Gulf. By According to specialized site, the carrier got the plane back at the end of the year 2011 and immediately posted him to the picking center Jet Aviation Basel to install the cabin.

The plane was equipped with a living room, bedroom, office, bathroom, meeting room for 12 people with a large LCD display and special communication facilities. "A special feature of the aircraft interior was the use of exclusive components in the design (rare hardwood, special leather trimming, marble, precious metals) in combination with modern decoration elements (specially designed volumetric lighting)," the article said.



Now the plane is operated by the Russian company VipJet. This was confirmed by “Rain” by its general director Andrei Gorokhov. “We operate this aircraft without owning any aircraft or crew,” he said. The management company is engaged in maintenance of the aircraft, providing each flight, preparing the crew, insuring it and so on, explained Gorokhov. According to him, only the services of his company cost the owner no less than 10 thousand euros per month, not counting the cost of fuel and maintenance. According to Gorokhov, refueling for one flight also costs tens of thousands of euros.

Gorokhov refused to name the owner of the aircraft. According to him, the company manages this aircraft "a few years", but he could not remember the exact date. According to the site flightaware.comthat aircraft belongs to the company Edelweiss Avia Ltd. A company with this name is listed in the official register of legal entities of Bermuda. Registration numbers starting with VQ-B, also means that the aircraft is registered in Bermuda.

Ramzan Kadyrov before the annual address of the president to the Federal Assembly. Photo: RIA News

Ramzan Kadyrov before the annual address of the president to the Federal Assembly. Photo: RIA News

“Registration of a private plane in an offshore zone is a common practice, there is nothing illegal in this. The owner can choose any jurisdiction, ”says a business aviation expert who chose to remain anonymous. If the plane is registered in Bermuda, it allows you to save on taxes: in this case, you only need to pay for the renewal of the certificate once a year - that's all, the source explained.

In Kadyrov’s income statement, there is no mention of an aircraft in use or ownership. Ramzan Kadyrov was never engaged in business, were not businessmen and representatives of his inner circle. His annual income in 2015 year, according to the declaration, amounted to 6 million rubles, and in 2008-2014 years - an average 4,2 million rubles. When journalists asked Ramzan Kadyrov about “sources of financing” in 2011, he replied: “Allah gives. I do not know. Somewhere money comes from. ”

A spokesman for the head of the republic, Alvi Karimov, asked for time to prepare a comment. Since then, a fortnight has passed.

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