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Beer, gasoline, and also a salary: the company will take you on a tour of the US national parks

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold has started looking for a new employee. This job offers several significant benefits, including a $ 50 salary and the ability to travel the country to explore the most beautiful national parks. Writes about it Travel and Leisure.

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The company said in a statement that a Pure Gold employee will be able to travel in style in a state-of-the-art van provided by the company, along with gas money and plenty of beer on weekends. The new employee will even have an optional companion, so he never gets lonely.

The new employee will spend six months on the road and receive money to visit "iconic US national parks and other beautiful places around the country in partnership with the National Parks Fund," the company explained.

The employee "will lead a nomadic lifestyle and collect content so that we can indirectly experience it." All materials collected by him will be posted on Michelob ULTRA social networks.

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Interested in vacancies, it is easy to apply. All you need is to be at least 21 years old and love nature and photograph. Then go to, fill out a formal job application and tell us a little about yourself with photos showing your nature photography skills with the hashtag #PureGoldCEO.

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