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QAnon vows to 'return Trump to the White House' March 4: Congress halted due to fears of new assault

The US Congress partially stops working for one day - from the morning of March 4 to the morning of March 5 - due to the potential threat of a new assault on the Capitol. Writes about it with the BBC.

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The reason was warnings by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security about possible riots in Washington.

In recent months, followers of the QAnon conspiracy movement have spread information that Donald Trump will allegedly return to the White House as president on March 4.

It was on March 4, until 1933 that the inauguration of US presidents was traditionally held.

Representatives of several radical groups promised that thousands of their like-minded people would come to Washington on this day.

In the meantime, heightened security measures continue to operate in the center of the US capital. The area around the Capitol is surrounded by a three-meter fence and guarded by units of the National Guard.

The House of Representatives announced that due to the threat of new unrest, it will stop its work for one day, while members of the US Senate say they do not plan to do this - they intend to convene for a scheduled meeting on March 4.

Meanwhile, American law enforcement officials assure that they are ready for any development of events.

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“Our department is working with local and federal partners to stop any threats to the Capitol,” the department said in a statement. “We take intelligence seriously. Due to the confidential nature of this information, we cannot yet provide additional details. "

Previous the storming of the Capitol took place on January 6 - then numerous supporters of Donald Trump broke into the building. In as a result of the events of that day, five people died.

Among the detainees were many representatives of ultra-right extremist groups, as well as supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which the FBI included in the list of threats to the US national security in 2019.

In late February, Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said that Donald Trump supporters who broke into Congress in January, he believed, wanted to "blow up" the Capitol and kill lawmakers.

Leon Palletta, the former head of the US Department of Defense and ex-director of the CIA, said that law enforcement officers take all potential threats seriously - even if such caution may seem excessive to someone.

“We must constantly have intelligence information about domestic terrorists and monitor their possible attempts to repeat what happened on January 6,” says Paletta. "I think what we are seeing now is being careful to make sure we are well prepared to respond in case a group does try to launch an armed attack on the Capitol again."

What is QAnon

This movement is considered more popular than some offshoots of Christianity, the FBI calls it a "potential terrorist threat", while supporters of this theory believe in collusion between Democrats and Satan. Esquire.

One of the incidents related to this group occurred on December 4, 2016. Then Edgar Maddison-Welch arrived in Washington, parked at the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, took out his rifle, removed the safety lock and went inside. Since it was a day off, there were a lot of visitors inside.

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But Welch behaved in an uncharacteristic manner for a mass murderer. He demanded to open the basement door (Comet Ping Pong never had a basement), then tried to open one of the doors with a table knife. Digging in vain in the castle, Welch shot several times at the door with a rifle and broke into an empty utility room. Apparently, not finding what he was looking for, the man put his weapon on the floor, raised his hands and went out into the street, where he was twisted by the police special forces. "The intelligence has not been confirmed," he said. Nobody was hurt that day.

But next time it didn't work out that easy.

What did Welch mean? According to a theory popular in certain circles, in the basement of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria there was a brothel for pedophiles, which was run by John Podesta (at the time of the events described, the leader of the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton). Clinton herself, according to the same "intelligence", is the direct beneficiary of a non-existent brothel, moreover, she drinks the blood of tortured children.

In addition, all the inhabitants of Hollywood do this together with her, and journalists provide information cover for the cult of pedophile cannibals. And only Donald Trump can save Americans from this horror.

The large-scale conspiracy theory QAnon has recently turned from an internet horror story into a social movement with elements of a religious cult and millions of followers.

On October 28, 2017, an anonymous user of the 4chan imageboard under the nickname Q published his manifest. His main message literally boils down to the following: of course, pedophiles are winning so far, but Trump and the Patriots are about to strike a decisive blow against them. And in order to speed up the onset of the Day of Judgment, ordinary people need to unite, stop trusting the government and the media. In addition, it is noted that all this is done for the sake of saving children. Good will soon triumph over evil, you just have to be patient.

No one still knows who Q is.

Many are sure that Donald Trump himself is hiding under the nickname. And he, judging by his posts on Twitter, is familiar with this theory and even supports it in a sense. There are other versions - behind the pseudonym is the owner and moderator of another imageboard, 8kun, Jim Watkins. There is also reason to believe that a not quite mentally healthy person from Johannesburg named Paul Farber writes on behalf of Q. But in fact, Q's real name is not important, because proponents of the conspiracy theory believe that the most important thing is that he brings the hidden truth to people.

But like a pizzeria with a secret basement, in which pedophiles gather, so the rest of the "prophecies" of the mysterious anonym did not come true. But, surprisingly, the popularity of QAnon only grew from this.

In a Prophecy Q article for The Atlantic, journalist Adriana Lafrance recalls: “In 1831, a Baptist from New York named William Miller began to publicly predict the second coming of Christ. It was appointed for a specific date: October 22, 1844. On the morning of October 23rd, his followers, known as the Millerites, greeted him with great grief - this episode went down in history as the Great Disappointment. But they didn't give up. The Millerites became Adventists who, in turn, became Seventh-day Adventists — today this branch of Christianity has more than twenty million followers around the world. ” And QAnon already has a lot more followers in the US alone.

But how and why did QAnon become such a popular movement? Why did this happen right now?

There are answers to these questions, some of them are disturbing. The easiest way to start is with the first one. A lot of journalistic and scientific literature is available on this topic; the most intelligible ideas and psychosis transmitted through the media were expressed by Marshall McLuhan in The Global Village and Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene.

Linear hierarchical communication models have, in short, stopped working; they were replaced by fractal and decentralized models: there is an equal sign between the author and the reader, and the logical and critical perception of information is replaced by the emotion that this information evokes.

The answer to the “why” question is also more or less simple. When all sorts of alternative truths and the closed social ecosystems created by the Internet spill out into reality, theories of a flat earth or Bill Gates' forced chipping of people appear.

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But why is this happening now? The world before the COVID-19 epidemic was complicated and unfair. Hundreds of millions of people were drowning in waves of existential horror even before quarantine. Q personified this massive frustration and took it to a new level: it's hard to wish death for an invisible virus. It is much easier to wish Hillary Clinton dead.

Conspiracy theories are usually pretty easy to disprove. They are based on the belief that some powerful and malicious structure (reptilians, porthole, democrats, and so on) is spending enormous resources to deceive ordinary people. While they do not need to be deliberately deceived, they already believe everything.

But with QAnon it turned out to be not so simple - primitive concepts are laid in the foundation of this theory. It is impossible to be critical of information about children tormented in basements - in this place instincts win over reason even among the most sane people.

In general, the entire rhetorical system of QAnon followers is built suspiciously flawlessly for the conspiracy theory, accidentally inflated by Internet users.

For example, if you ask them to prove that Hillary Clinton is a cannibal and a pedophile, you can hear in response that it is necessary to prove that she is not like that. And if we talk about the publication of the supporters of the theory, then they position themselves as a counterbalance to the false media that hide the truth.

Any meaningful dialogue with Q followers at some point turns into a spiral - and often leads to the fact that the skeptic is no longer sure whether Hillary Clinton is so sinless in matters of cannibalism. QAnon is either a flawlessly self-organizing media virus or an ingeniously planned online campaign.

What else did the followers of Q do, what is worth paying attention to and wondering whether this movement is so harmless.

On June 15, 2018, Matthew Wright, armed with two machine guns, blocked traffic along the Hoover Dam in Arizona with his van and demanded the immediate arrest of high-ranking pedophiles, as well as open access to the secret Democratic archive, hidden in a special cache. Wright was charged with terrorism and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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On December 19, 2018, an unnamed man was arrested with a trunk full of explosives - he intended to destroy a historic building in Springfield, Illinois, in order to "draw public attention to the kidnapping."

On April 30, 2020, Jessica Prime, putting several knives in the trunk of her car, went from Illinois to New York to “destroy Hillary Clinton and her accomplice Joe Biden in the name of Babylon,” she said in a live broadcast on Facebook.

On June 11, 2020, Olpos Slyman put his five children in a car and raced down the highway in violation of all traffic rules. The police pursued him for nearly forty kilometers; all this time, Slimen was broadcasting on social networks, where he announced the cops as a shock squad of pedophiles, which his wife set on him.

And there are many such cases. The analogy with Seventh-day Adventists is no longer true - the QAnon followers skipped the stage of a peaceful quasi-religious movement and immediately turned into a radicalized one.

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In the U.S. Capitol storm
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